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Pinterest Communities, Fact or Fiction?

What are Pinterest Communities? Well, it’s very hush hush. I even had a bit of trouble finding it and I wondered if maybe it was an elusive phantom or a rumor. But it wasn’t, the massive visual search engine that is Pinterest is getting social. How did I find out about this magically exclusive offering? Well it’s defintely not being advertised on the Pinterest home page but funnily enough I did come across a pin that led me to this post on

This post guided me through the steps to join the Pinterest Communities (a very “hidden room behind the bookcase” or “Speakeasy” kind of vibe is afoot here. One of the main tips in this post was to use your mobile app on your phone in order to access Pinterest Communities for the first time after that the Communities symbol (a speech bubble with a heart in the middle) would appear and you could have full access.

Community Tab will appear in top right corner of home screen

Click here to access the Pinterest Communities page or get an invite link from someone already within the group. If that doesn’t work, try following the exact steps here. I had some issues getting in initially but eventually it worked and I was able to join a few of the existing communities (Creatives On Pinterest, Bloggers and Photographers Club, not sure exactly how many as it  seemed a bit glitchy. I tried searching communities and creating a new community to no avail. It’s possible that this is in a “beta testing phase” and perhaps I was lucky to stumble upon it.

Some of the many Pinterest Communities available to join

Why is this Pinterest Communities a good thing? Well from a Content Creator’s perspective it’s an amazing tool to accompany the amazing “traffic driving power” that is Pinterest. It allows you to directly promote your pins (for free I might add) within the communities you belong to, which are essentially a targeted audience in any given niche. This makes it a one-stop-shop for sharing and promoting pins, creating interesting, beautiful and helpful boards which can then be used to drive traffic to your blog or website. Perfecto.

Each Community has their own theme, members and rules of conduct.

Not only does this feature allow you to share your pins, it also allows you to interact with people that are in your niche; they may know things you don’t have ideas that inspire you and they may end up being part of your tribe. Having a tribe or a close-knit online community requires some decorum so don’t be spammy or only on there to promote, much like Facebook Private Groups, Pinterest Communities will each have their own “Rule of Engagement” to follow, some don’t want you promoting and prefer that their members just have conversations and build up the community instead. 

I believe this new feature will definitely serve to elevate the platform and its value to its users, particularly those hoping to gain traffic to their blog or website and grow their influence on social media platform. It remains to be seen as to whether or not Pinterest will make it easier to join and what their reason for keeping it hush hush is. I think it’s pretty cool when new things begin as a bit of a mystery and are exclusive.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Let me know if you have had success joining Pinterest Communities and what you think in the comments below! Want to know more about me and what I can do for you and your style CLICK HERE.


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