Spring Fashion Looks: Week 1

Spring Fashion

Spring has sprung! Okay, I’m totally lying, the weather here is still cold, windy and flakes have been falling. Despite the fact that spring is typically late to hit Ottawa, I’m still looking ahead toward warmer weather when it comes to my wardrobe. So I thought I would start a new style series to give you some spring outfit inspiration, each week I will post a new look for spring, along with a few quick styling tips and shopping links to help you if you are having trouble deciding what to buy for spring.

This week’s look is a bit of a mashup; one of my favourite style tactics these days has been mixing dressier items with casual pieces. I never like to be too much of any specific style so by choosing to pair unexpected items like a crew neck sweater, a ripped denim skirt and leather Chelsea boots together I am able to create a comfortable look with a bit of a street vibe. If I happened to be heading to a fancier event, I could keep the skirt, switch the crew for a dressier blouse, the boots for heels, the same set of vintage pearls and voila, a perfect night out look.

This skirt I’m wearing caught my eye at H&M, not just because it is that beautiful light wash I’ve been craving in all my denim lately but also because it is part of the H&M Conscious Line which uses either organic cotton or 20 % recycled cotton to create new denim items. H&M is now offering a clothing recycling program, you can drop off your used clothing items that would otherwise not be eligible for donation or resale (due to having holes or stains) and they turn it into fibers which can be used in new clothing items.

Spring Fashion

Spring Fashion

One of my favourite styling techniques lately has been to tuck in my shirts, whether it be a partial tuck or a full tuck-in; I find it really elevates the look. Tucking in your tops can also showcases a statement belt and give you a beautiful silhouette.

Another often overlooked way to elevate your look is to tie the look together by pairing colours from the same family. For example, in this look I have a brownish bronze colour in the sweater, which I have complimented with my brown tortoise-shell glasses, my brown leather Chelsea boots and my brown LV bag in the Damier Ebene printed canvas. Typically, if I am wearing something gold, I keep all the accessories gold throughout the entire look (or all silver, rose-gold, etc.) because I feel it flows better but there are also times when mixing metals is called for and in those situations I would make sure there was a good mixture of the two metals.

Spring Fashion

Spring Fashion

Spring Fashion

The last tip is to make sure you feel confident and comfortable in whatever you choose to wear, this may not seem important but even the top fashion influencers need to feel good in the items they wear and I guarantee you, if they don’t like the way they look or feel in a certain outfit, they won’t wear it. What if you feel good in an outfit but worry people will think you look strange, scandalous or are trying too hard? In my opinion, who cares? If you like the look, if you feel cool and you are comfortable then wear it. Most people will appreciate the fact you stepped outside the box and as for the haters? Haters always gone hate.

I sincerely hope you liked this less formal post and I trust the next installment with be under better, warmer weather circumstances! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for daily OOTD in my Stories and other photo gems on my Grid. Enjoy your week!



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