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Esqido Lashes

If there’s any facial feature that can be enhanced to make your whole face look “done up”, in the absence of any other makeup, it’s eyelashes. Heck, I used to put nothing but a quick coat of mascara on my top lashes (only the front of them if I’m honest) and I’d be out the door to work or school.

Long, full, curled lashes have always been one of the most sought after beauty-upgrades. Mascara used to be the main catalyst for this eye-opening magical transformation and maybe faux eyelashes for a special occasion but with the YouTube and Beauty Blogger boom of the last decade eyelashes enhancement has upped the ante. Eyelash primers, extensions and high quality “falsies” are the new makeup norm and although I haven’t ventured too far down this rabbit hole yet, I think I’m about to.

“She was made of flesh and eyelashes.” – Leonard Cohen

Though I love the look of dramatic lashes for a night out, I have always been pretty basic and typically use whatever mascara was on sale, given to me or I buy sample sizes from Sephora. To me they all pretty much looked the same and did the same job. I could count the amount of times that I have ventured into false lash territory on my two hands; I always had trouble applying them, they felt weird, would fall off and I felt strange wearing them. The idea of dropping the money and time on lash extensions ($65-$200 for a full set then refills every 3-4 weeks on average) didn’t float my boat but false eyelashes still held some mystery and the promise of a challenge for me.

Recently I was contacted by “new-to-me” brand ESQIDO Mink Lashes asking if I would be interested in trying their handcrafted, mink, false eyelashes. At first I thought, “eek I’m not good at putting them on and I’m going to look weird.” but then I thought, “to be good at something you need to practice, and I don’t want to be a quitter”, so I agreed to try them. They kindly let me choose two pairs out of their large online selection (28 different styles to suit a wide range of eye shapes), I chose “Little Black Lash” (a bestseller) and “Oh So Sweet”. Their styles range from subtle to super dramatic and everything in-between. They also sent me a tube of their “Companion Eyelash Glue” which comes with its own easy-to-use brush applicator.

Once my order was placed, I received detailed email notifications relating to when the item was being shipped out and even when it was delivered to my mailbox (this is a plus in winter or summer when the temperatures can affect the items). Once I opened the package I was immediately struck by the sleek, simple and luxe packaging. Each pair of lashes were nestled in a white box with gold shiny writing and a magnetic flap closure then secured within a clear, matte outer sleeve. Inside, the lashes were beautifully displayed against a shiny rose gold background (perfect for those IG boomerangs!)

Esqido Lashes

The application and care of the lashes was located on the inside of the box on a small instruction card and made applying the lashes a bit less scary than I remember. The brush on the glue made the application stupid-easy and I was able to apply the lashes to my eyes without having to trim or readjust. Now if only I could apply my liquid eyeliner with such ease, another beast for another day I suppose.

ESQIDO Lashes have been worn by a pile of celebs like Rihanna, Gigi Hadid, Karlie Kloss and Shea Mitchell. Their lashes are reasonably priced (for a quality, high-end pair of false eyelashes) at 28.00 USD and the glue retails for $10.00 USD. Their website offers a lash guide, lash quiz, rewards program and 10% off your first purchase when you sign up for email notifications. For those of you who prefer to shop at a store rather than online, these lashes can be found in Holt Renfrew store across Canada.

Esqido Lashes

Recently, I did a photoshoot with Megan Cameron Photography where I had my makeup done by Ottawa makeup artist Brittany Caron of Leona Studios and I asked her to apply my ESQIDO lashes in “Oh So Sweet”. She was impressed by the ease of application with the glue/brush (she also said it didn’t smell bad like most glues) and although she had to trim this pair because the band was poking me in the corners when I blinked, we were able to get them to sit comfortably and the effect was stunning!

It’s a slippery slope though, nwt that I’ve found lashes that I like and work for me, will I ever feel the same without them? What are you thoughts on falsies? Love them hate them, can’t leave the house without them? **Note: this is not a sponsored post though ESQIDO did send me the products to try complimentary. These are my own opinions after trying the products.


Until next time! Carpe diem 🙂




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