Fall Style: A Sporty Crew Neck Sweater

September is such a tricky month for fashion. Not only is it the month when we are busy previewing all the spring 2018 fashion shows, but it is also the month where the weather fluctuates greatly and temperatures can be both hot and cold. In my recent post “7 Must-Have Items for Fall”I chose crew neck sweatshirts as an essential for fall/winter, this has been a trend for a few years (Athleisure) but am still loving it and it’s definitely worth investing in for your wardrobe if you are a fan of casual comfort.

I’m sure we all remember wearing hooded sweatshirts in high school, and (at my school) I feel “hoodies” were more popular than their crew neck counterparts. That stuck with me for many years, and there was a point where I gave up wearing sweatshirts in public altogether, until a few years ago that is. While browsing the racks of a local thrift shop, I came across a vintage, oversized, purple Nautica crew neck sweatshirt and I fell in love. On another shopping trip I found a cropped, fitted, heather grey crew neck on the sale rack at Joe Fresh, again I felt a compulsion to add it to my closet. This year I fell back in love with Adidas, I admit that for quite a few years there was very little sportswear in my everyday wardrobe, but the Adidas pink, unisex, Trefoil crew is absolutely my favorite of them all and I have been wearing it at every opportunity.

So here are my tips for styling  a crew neck sweater so that it doesn’t look frumpy or like you just left the gym:

Cut: There are a few different styles and fits you can go for; cropped, boxy, and oversized. I like all of them and I think they all have a place in your wardrobe. Cropped would look great with wide leg denim or over  dress. Boxy can be paired with anything really; a midi skirt, skinny jeans, or shorts. An oversized sweater looks great with leggings, skinny jeans, shorts or  skirt.

Balance: The big key to making a sweatshirt which is cozy and (let’s face it) “lazy girl clothing” look “put-together” in an outfit, is to make sure your look is well-balanced. By this I mean, pair an oversized sweatshirt with tighter, dressier items on the bottom such as a midi skirt paired with espadrilles, skinny jeans with pointy-toed stilettos or  a short skirt with ankle boots.

Style: A basic, blank front crew neck can be a bit too basic, thankfully there are accessories. Adding a necklace or a combination of different necklaces in varying lengths can really elevate a wardrobe staple like a crew neck sweatshirt. I like wearing my gold choker with another longer gold necklace or in the fall you could also wear a printed scarf for interest. If the weather is warmer, I like to roll up the sleeves and throw on some gold bracelets or bangles, this brings attention to my arms and completes the look. Another option is to layer your crew under a leather or bomber jacket for cooler weather.

Shop the looks:

What is your go-to clothing item this fall/autumn? Let me know in the comments!



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