Project 333 : Week 4 OOTD


I have reached week 4 and I have to say, this is very likely the longest I’ve ever stuck with a challenge. I am not usually one to stick with extracurricular personal endeavours but this one has been relatively easy and the fact that I have been documenting it daily on my Instagram has kept me on track. Coming up with new ways to wear my capsule wardrobe has been a bit difficult at times but I am still managing to wear unique looks every day (minus one day when I mistakingly wore an exact replica of a previous weeks outfit, but no biggie).

I may try doing some interesting layering for next week so get ready for some weird outfit combinations! I think that repeating outfits wouldn’t be a big deal if it wasn’t for my everyday posting, but the fact that I do is challenging me to think innovatively of new ways to wear the same items.

This week I started making plans for my spring capsule wardrobe. As I sat in my closet looking through all my spring/summer clothing, I felt a bit dejected. There is a part of me that says,” You need to incorporate these items you already own into your capsule wardrobe. They are all paid for, they are in perfectly good condition and you liked them at one point.”  There is another part of me that wants to scrap everything and start over. This is my problem EVERY spring. I want to be “out with the old, in with the new” but it’s not good from a financial or ethical standpoint. It is a natural inclination to “clean house” and bring in new recruits for the coming season (spring is coming to Ottawa I swear to you!)

Recently, I placed an order online for new clothing (my first clothing purchase since fall 2016) the spring collection from Synergy Clothing was way too tempting to pass up. I purchased their Tissue Knit Boyfriend Tee in Washed Denim; their Bella Dress in Dusty Rose; their Kyra Skirt in Black; their Ocean View Shorts in Black; their Tissue Kit Metamorphose Cardigan in Phantom; and their Tissue Knit Muscle Tank in Rose. It took me quite a few tries at filling up my cart and then emptying it again before I decided on the right items for me. I want to be more mindful going forward, when it comes to my clothing purchases. I now make sure to read the About page for each and every brand before I even look at their merchandise. I want to ensure that each brand that I buy from shares my values; they have sustainable initiatives in their textiles, productions and delivery. They have ethical business practices; they pay their workers locally and abroad fairly, and ensure they have a safe work environment; and they care about their community; this means that they give back to those who are struggling and could use a helping hand. Here’s a 15% off code for anyone who would like to purchase some new spring threads: .

My plan is to add a few more brands to my capsule wardrobe, this time I will have 40-50 items (as I will have this wardrobe from April to September). I am going with a color palette that includes; blush, white, grey, navy, light blue, black and rose. I have incorporated some patterns and also solids; I hope that this will give me a wide range of outfit options to choose from. Spring is something to get excited about and although it is not warm yet here in Ottawa, I am optimistic that by the time I have my Spring capsule wardrobe finished, the weather will have turned nice and warm!

Have a wonderful week and please leave me a comment below if you like this weeks outfits or are doing a similar challenge!



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