Project 333: Week 3 OOTD

 This week has shown me why this is a “challenge”. I am starting to get a bit bored of the same items all the time but luckily I picked my favorite items for this Project 333 Challenge. Trying to think of new ways to wear the same 33 items for three months will be difficult but I know that I can figure it out! Doing this challenge is great from a minimalism and sustainability perspective (two things that I consider important to me) but when you rely on clothing to express yourself everyday and want to share that on Instagram and a blog I think it helps to have more than just 33 items.

The typical duration of this challenge is 3 months, however, since spring is on the horizon, I will likely be swapping out my current capsule wardrobe for a spring/summer version sometime in April.
Since my body shape and size has changed a bit over the last four years (having had two children) I will need to purchase some new pieces; shorts, cropped jeans, a dress and a skirt. I have a few brands in mind that I have been researching and I will be posting about them in an upcoming article!

One of the things I have learned since undertaking this project is that I DO have favorites. There are not many items of clothing that I miss from my “full” closet, maybe a few things from my “summer” wardrobe but that’s it! The things I chose for this challenge are the pieces which fit me best, which are comfortable, which make me feel confident, and which go well with the other items in my closet. The idea of having a seasonal or semi-annual “capsule wardrobe” makes so much sense. I would say my top 40 items (not including shoes and accessories imo) is all one individual really needs.

The difficult part for me, would be not adding heaps of new items every time at every wardrobe swap-out. This is likely due to the heavy marketing that happens in the spring and fall; we see all the new seasonal patterns, the trends, the must-have items and we want an entirely new wardrobe. We see a beautiful, famous, fashion blogger or Instagram style-influencer and we want to copy the look but we don’t have the right items so we need to go buy them. I love to shop and it’s been a bit hard to adopt a minimalist approach to shopping.

Spring is taking a looooong time to reach Ottawa compared with the rest of the Northern hemisphere so I’m still forced to gear-up in my parka, boots, hat and gloves every time I venture outside. I’m lusting after spring in a bad way so please send some warm vibes over my way! Hope everyone has a great week and please send me your feedback on my outfits and let me know what are your must-haves for spring!



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