Project 333: Week 1 OOTD

It has been just about two weeks since cleared my closet, created my capsule wardrobe and started my Project 333 Challenge. So far I am really enjoying it, my weekly laundry has been drastically reduced, mostly because I am re-wearing things like sweaters and jeans (assuming they are not stained or smelly). Another aspect I like is the ease with which I can plan my looks. All my items work well together and since most items are in the same color-family, I have an infinite number of outfit possibilities.

Every night before I go to bed, I choose my clothing for the following day. This makes my morning easier because there is less thinking required before I’ve had my coffee and therefore less stress for me. I keep my outfits simple; top, sweater, pants, socks and accessories, I know it’s pretty basic but I focus more on the colors, patterns and shape of the clothing. It is also important, working with children everyday, that I am comfortable and wearing clothing that washes easily. 

This capsule wardrobe was created using pieces that I already owned. I didn’t purchase anything new, but I did receive the gold Coffee and Couture choker for my  birthday from my best friend and got a new gold bangle from my husband. I have been loving gold jewellery lately so I wear the same pieces everyday. 

In the past I was always longing to buy new items. It felt as if I was always planning my life around my next shopping trip. Since discovering and undertaking this project, I haven’t purchased any new clothes and I haven barely thought about clothing shopping. In fact, I went to the mall recently to buy some skincare items from Sephora and I only ventured into one clothing store; Zara, which I didn’t end up buying anything at all.

I will be posting weekly updates for the duration of this challenge, there will obviously be some outfit repeats since I am working with a closet of 33 items but I will try my best to keep things interesting and unique! Follow me on Instagram to see my daily outfit updates as well as my Instagram-worthy meals.

Did you decide to try the Project 333 Challenge? Let me know in the comments below this post!


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