Project 333: Week 2 OOTD

I’m now into the third week of my Project 333 Challenge and I am still loving it! I have noticed that I am starting to get close to the need to repeat some outfits, which is totally fine with me. The only problem with repeating outfits is it won’t be as interesting for people following along with me on this journey. One caveat I can think of is it will show people that it’s not the end of the world if you wear an outfit more than once on social media!

A downside to wearing the same clothing in a more frequent rotation is the amount of wear and tear they endure compared to a larger closet rotation. I try not to wash my jeans unless they are stained but because I work with kids I usually end up with something on them by days end, and because I am down at their level or crawling after them my jeans all wear out in the knees very quickly.

You may notice that I wear Toms in many of my outfit pictures and this is because I find socks to be slippery and get dirty from the floors (running a daycare means lot’s of messes). I do like wearing socks with slippers first thing in the morning but I find my feet get too hot so Toms with no socks is my best option. It is also helping me to break them in before summer as I was gifted two pairs from my MIL to replace my two pairs that are falling apart!

A t-shirt or tank with a cardigan is my go-to look because my house starts out cool in the morning and then heats up like crazy as the sun comes in through our massive back window. I need to be able to take it off quickly while I’m working and put it back on when I need to leave for the school pickup.

On the weekends I tend to go for easy, comfy and lazy. I do run on the weekends and of course I clean the house so leggings with a tank is the best option for me. I do have three pairs of leggings in my 33 item capsule wardrobe because they are such a staple for me during my downtime.

I hope you liked this weeks outfits. If you have any suggestions for how I can make my looks more unique or interesting without adding any additional items please feel free to leave me a comment in the comments section below this post!  Follow me on Instagram to see my OOTD in my daily feed along with other fun pics.

Happy week everyone!



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