My Project 333 Challenge

In an effort to simplify
my daily decisions and to see if I could live with less, I have taken on a
project; The 333 Challenge. Also called Project 333, this challenge was created
by Courtney Carver of Be More With Less as a nod to the minimalist movement of
living a more meaningful life with less material things. The purpose of the
challenge is to choose 33 items of clothing to wear exclusively for 3 months.

After reading about this
challenge and hearing that the average person only wears 30% of the items in
their closet I decided to put myself to the test to see if after building my 33
item capsule wardrobe, I could complete the 3 months without missing any of the
excluded items. I had many reasons for deciding to do Project 333, here are
some reasons why I think people should try this:

1. We have favorites: We are a society who love to shop and we want to
have lots of choice when it comes to our wardrobe. What happened to those
favorite items that we couldn’t wait to buy and wear, the ones we had to wash
over and over so that it was ready for our next event? That lucky t-shirt
that we wear again and again, even though it isn’t always clean. Like it or not, we all have our
favorites so why bother having items in our wardrobes that don’t pass our test?

2. Keep it simple: We’ve all had that feeling of having nothing to wear, despite
an overflowing wardrobe right? So why would we want to keep buying and purging,
only to run into the same issue a few months later. Simplify things by having
less, by having only favorites and only buy items we love. We must be sure when
purchasing items that they are good quality and we will want to wear for a long
time This makes our decision easier in the morning and will save our brainpower
for more important things, like making coffee.

3. Define our style: Having a closet that is packed to the brim makes it
incredibly difficult to know what we have and can make putting together a
cohesive outfit impossible. I noticed that when I cleared out the items that I
wasn’t into I was left with all the items that are in similar color families
(shades of pink, grey, black and cream) this makes getting dressed stupid-easy
and I look more put-together as a result. When working with a “capsule
wardrobe” we have more control over the looks that we put together because
everything works well together. Especially if we keep in mind how many
different combinations each piece will work in during the garment selection
process. I find that patterns with many colors give me more options than a
solid colored item would.

4. Clutter-free closet =
clutter-free life:
 A chaotic closet can
carry it’s craziness into other areas of our life whether we realize it or not.
There’s no need to be obsessive about it’s neatness but less clothing means
less to clean, hang, iron. We could try valuing our clothing  and treating
it like a prized possession. We could even pretend those 33 items need to last
us for the next 3 years and there is no possibility of buying more. 

I hope this small guide
was helpful and I hope that my readers who have never tried Project 333 decide
to give it a go! I will start updating my progress on Instagram and Snapchat so
be sure to follow me and please subscribe to my newsletter for updates on new



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