Is It Time To Jump On The Ath-leisure Trend?

As a busy Mom and all around lazy girl, I am such a fan of the cozy closet. When I discovered the brand HYBA (by Reitmans) in the summer I was pretty much browsing the site everyday in search of new arrivals to purchase. Since my occupation has changed from Law Clerk to Daycare Provider, my wardrobe has also undergone a metamorphosis; meaning that I pretty much wear leisure gear all week long. I usually opt on the side of jeans and a button down flannel shirt or sweater with my Converse high tops but there are also days when yoga pants and a hoodie are calling my name.

There has been a trend popping up in the last few seasons that is making it ok to go out in public in comfortable clothing (like your gym clothes) which is great, especially for those of us living #momlife (sometimes looking put together takes waaay too much effort). But it’s not just about wearing your pj’s to Walmart or your Lululemon pants to a restaurant, I think it’s more about taking athletic-inspired pieces and incorporating them into any wardrobe whether it be very corporate or incredibly relaxed.

Many of my fav companies to buy regular clothing from are offering up new affordable activewear lines such as Old Navy, Gap, Reitmans (HYBA), Forever 21, Joe Fresh and most recently ADORE ME has just released their own line of beautiful Activewear (think sexy mesh cut-outs and tanks that can work for a night out as well as for a cardio class) (Use coupon code GETACTIVE10 for 10% your activewear order until the end of OCTOBER).  I am truely in love with their FIZA Tank and Short set with criss cross open cowl back. Another of my favs is the CHAYA Jogger set which has a cropped tank and fishnet detail on both top and pant. My favorite thing about all of these brands athletic collections are the patterns (think florals, abstract and geometric). I also love the cuts and fabrics used for things like t-shirts, pants and hoodies; they move with you, they keep you cool, they wick away sweat (and what busy person doesn’t need those features in their day-to-day clothing?)

Have you gotten into this trend? I know that it used to be unthinkable to wear pajamas or gym clothes to work, for date night or to run errands but hey, change is inevitable, particularly when it comes to fashion. It may be just a matter of embracing this change as far as you are comfortable, either way I’m already on board.



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