A Long Summer Hiatus

Well hello there friends! I know it’s been quite awhile since I’ve posted even a lick of content and I really have wanted to but life got in the way as it does when you’re a work-at-home mom of two (or three or four or five) children.

So here is a quick recap on the last three months.

No Spend Challenge:

I have failed miserably at this ever since I started to slide in April, I am once again a manic spender and there’s no sign of the return of my willpower yet. I think that taking a period to detox from spending was healthy and necessary but to do this for more than a few months is pretty tough at least for me.

Kids and Hubs:

All is good on the Homefront; Audrey turns four this month and Abigail just turned 16 months, neither kid is sleeping well, Audrey has bad dreams, Abigail has teething and Mike and I have bags under our eyes constantly. Thankfully they’re both so cute and incredibly smart and I love them to bits. Mike is good, still obsessed with Lego, video games and all things nerdy.


In April I opened my home as a daycare so that I could stay home with my kids until they are both in school, this has worked out very well so far and I am building a good clientele of families who use my services. I am constantly relying on Pinterest for ideas on how to help them learn, play and grow, it’s exhausting but it’s great to be spending so much time with my girls. The only downsides are the mess, the long hours, the off-duty preparations, and my desperate need to escape my house once the kids are picked up (I can’t even fathom how I’ll fare in winter when going outside with 5 kids isn’t possible #Canadianwinterproblems).


I’m not rocking a high-fashion, on-trend wardrobe these days for obvious reasons, but I have recently discovered a dupe for LuluLemon; Hyba by Reitmans, it’s awesome quality activewear for a fraction of the cost and they almost always have online deals. I’m obsessed.

Fall Plans:

I won’t make any outlandish promises of all the blog posts I plan to come out with but we all know that summers are packed and hectic and kind of laidback fashion wise anyways. I do hope that fall will spur me back into regular posting again, only time will tell.

Attitude of Gratitude

I am mega appreciative to all of the readers who visit my blog, please know that I genuinely love writing for you and that I do plan to do this someday full-time (God willing).

Happy summer everyone!



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