Spring-time is Fashion’s Rebirth

As I sit down to write this post about spring, I’ll admit I’m a bit depressed. That’s only because when you live in a city like Ottawa, where the snow can last well into April, it’s often difficult to see the winter relief of spring on the horizon. I am comforted, however, by the fact that every year it does eventually come. Just the thought of warmer days, longer days, sunnier and rainier days makes me smile. There is nothing quite like being out for a walk in May, apple trees blooming and filling my nose with their sweet fragrance, sun shining on my pale winter ravaged skin, birds chirping and nesting with their babies; it’s like heaven for the senses.

The other thing I love about spring is the seasonal change of my closet; it’s the time to dig out my capris, shorts, skirts and sandals. It’s a time to wear white head to toe, (although I definitely wear white in the winter too) and to wear all those beautiful floral patterns. Typically, once the temperatures are over 20 C (68 F) I start putting away my knits, my warm jackets and my winter accessories (hats, mitts, and heavy scarves). I keep my blazers, light jackets, thin sweaters and jeans in my closet all year round because the temperatures in the spring and sometimes summer can be cooler in the mornings and at night, so it’s nice to have those warmer pieces handy. My absolute favorite thing about the warmer weather is the absence of socks and the addition of sandals and ballerina flats; my feet have never felt so free.

The common dilemma every year; what do you do with all the winter stuff? I usually fold it all up and pack it away in a plastic container and stick it in my storage room in the basement. But what should you do if you don’t have any extra space? Renting a storage locker is pricey and unless you have furniture and a lot of other crap to store it’s not really worth it. Not to mention that driving down there every time you need to get something out is annoying and there’s potential for dodgy characters hanging around. I recently found a cool solution (although they don’t currently offer this service in Canada…) called MakeSpace. For a monthly fee, they send you a storage bin; you fill it up with clothing, shoes, boots, and accessories that you want to store; then they pick it up and take it to a storage facility for you. The best part is that if you need to retrieve something, all you need to do is go on their website or app and put in a request, it’s just a click away. Pretty cool if you ask me.

Typically, come February, I am out at the malls scouting for my new spring wardrobe, but this year I am doing things a bit differently. I have had too much retail regret in the past, due to the amount of impulse shopping I have done while caught up in the excitement of spring fashion. I want to be more deliberate and intentional about my future purchases; to plan my wardrobe each season in advance, to purchase high quality items that I have saved up for, and to buy as many seasonally transitional pieces as possible (to get more milage out of my clothing). This may seem boring, not getting caught up in the whirlwind of spring shopping, and I’ll admit that it doesn’t strike me as all that exciting either. But I do think that the end result will be way more rewarding, and I will end up with more versatile pieces that will give me more outfit options.

Here are my top essential items for spring:

1. White Shirt     

2. Ruffled Blouse

3. Thin Knit Sweater
4. Floral Pattern Blouse
5. Striped Tee
6. Cropped Jeans
7. Slim Leg Chinos
7. Pleated Midi Skirt
8. White Denim Shorts
9. Pointed Ballerina Flats
10. Cutout Sandals
11. Leather Saddle Bag
12. Lucite Cuff
13. Gold Choker

Essentials For Spring

Essentials For Spring by fashion-mama-aquarius featuring neon jewelry

J Crew bunny sweater, 155 CAD / MANGO ruffle top, 95 CAD / J Crew j crew shirt, 89 CAD / J Crew shirt top, 160 CAD / J.Crew jeans, 225 CAD / J.Crew roll up pants, 145 CAD / J Crew long pleated skirt, 210 CAD / J.Crew cuffed shorts, 125 CAD / J.Crew sequin shoes, 350 CAD / Melissa pink gladiator sandals, 170 CAD / Mini handbag, 265 CAD / J Crew neon jewelry, 140 CAD / MANGO choker jewelry, 41 CAD


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