My Daily Energy Routine

Further to my previous post about Frugal Fitness, I thought I would also post a bit about how I get enough energy to get me through the day. Every person is different of course so just a quick disclaimer that this is my daily routine and what works for me; I am not a doctor, nutritionist or personal trainer, though I am now trained in CPR and First Aid (yeah that’s right).


Having a baby who still wakes up multiple times throughout the night means that I don’t ever get a full night’s rest and I’ll be honest most mornings I’m friggin exhausted so coffee or tea first thing in the morning is my go-to drink to get going. I have gone without caffeine in the past, however, and after getting over the initial withdrawal and narcolepsy that follows for the first week (desk naps at lunch were my friend) I definitely had more energy mid-day than when I was drinking caffeine and it definitely helped with my anxiety. So if you dare to try it, go to David’s Tea, get yourself some herbal varieties, something to keep your eyes in an opened position while you’re at work and your sense of adventure then watch the magic begin to unfold. Unfortunately at this point, for me, it’s coffee with 10% cream (not the healthiest, I know but at least I kicked the sugar habit).

A good brekkie is also essential if you want to last until snack-time (yes smaller more frequent meals are best to keep that blood sugar level ladies!) I go through phases with what I eat and I’m bad for eating the same thing every day but I like rye toast with coconut oil and jam or oatmeal with cinnamon and honey. I also take a super high quality multi vitamin by Honest Company, I am in love with these vitamins, they are IMO worth the brutal exchange rate (for us Canadians) and I also get the kid ones for my daughter.


Snaaaaack time! This is when I get my smoothie going. I have recently gotten back into making smoothies for myself thanks to my hubby, the recipes are endless but here’s what I put in mine: plain or vanilla yogurt, frozen fruit, juice, ice and then any super duper add-on you want (protein powder, Greens +, bee pollen, flax oil, honey, agave nectar, etc.) I have found that this mid-morning drink keeps me full and is easy to take with me if I need to run errands with the girls or make it to a playdate (ahem on time #lazymomproblems). Other snacks that I will have are apple slices, crackers with avocado, or poached eggs.


I have been really trying to get out of the house every day for some exercise with or without the girls and, while it’s ideal to workout first thing in the morning, this is not usually possible for me. I say just get that workout in whenever you have time, sometimes I go for a walk to the park before lunch or a run between lunch and naptime or sometimes I sneak out after the girls are in bed for a late night run with my bestie.

Another thing that I have been doing for awhile is 100 squats before bed, 40 pushups and 50 lunges. Most people would think that exercising before bed is a sure-fire recipe for insomnia but for me it tires me out and when I lay down my muscles are completely relaxed allowing me to fall asleep much quicker than I normally would.


This is always a dodgy meal for me being at home because it requires a bit more planning than brekkie, which I almost never do. All I can say is that I usually heat up leftovers, make a salad or a sandwich and some raw veggies, done.


This is when I like to have a cup of tea (sometimes black sometimes green) and I usually get a small treat like a muffin or a few homemade cookies. (I’ve started making mini ones so I can feel like I’m getting more). My oldest daughter doesn’t nap, so by this time of the day I am usually feeling sleepy and so I need a little bit of help to get motivated to clean…


I am incredibly lucky to have a husband who is a chef, he is also gracious enough to come home from work most evenings and cook for us but I have also started to learn how to cook meals other than Kraft Dinner and Delissio Pizzas; I still don’t love it but I feel like I’ve come a long way in a short amount of time. My favorite thing to eat at home these days is anything Indian with naan or roti (I’m drooling just thinking about it).


I have to admit, that I am a bit of a night owl. I often stay up too late watching Youtube, writing blog posts and surfing social media, but really to give your body time to relax, unwind and then repair itself it is super important to get a good sleep. So turn all the tech off, wash your face, moisturize, brush and floss your teeth then hop into bed and get those zzzzz’s.

Do you have any tips for getting energy throughout the day I’d love to hear about it! Please don’t forget to like and share this post 🙂




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