Marc Jacobs Fall 2016: Fashion Perfection

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Can we just take a moment of silence to appreciate this runway show?

Ok, now that we have given  proper observance to this fashion god, let’s get into this collection. As I sat watching, eyes glued to my iPhone, drool falling from my mouth, I was mesmerized as each look came down the runway. The soundtrack, I’ll admit was a little creepy, like a child’s music box that played the same note over and over but it also lent to the hypnotizing ambiance of this show.

I have always loved the work of Marc Jacobs, his creative genius is incomprehensible to me and I am always in awe of his talent and ingenuity whenever I watch his shows. If I could attend just one show in my blogging career, it will be his.

Back to the clothing. Can we talk about the pure insanity of the footwear? The platform of these shoes and boots were so sky high and the shiny floor so sleek that I glimpsed one model almost going horizontal. Not to worry, she expertly recovered and will live to tell the tale. The lace up boots were amazing with the outfits. Despite the fact that you’d never catch me in anything this high, it gave each model an almost ethereal quality that helped to balance the volume of the layers in some of the looks and made the models body seem to flow forever in the more sleek body-con dresses.

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One might think with all the layers and volume going on here that the slender models would be lost, but thankfully that was not the case. This was bag-lady chic on crack ladies, there was nary an inch of skin showing on some of the models but they looked sexy and cool amid the layers of leather, wool, lace and fur. I was in love with each and every look. He just has this way of evoking a certain feeling in me through his clothing, I had legitimate tingles as I watched each model glide down the runway (save for a few more near spills on the turn) and it’s not that I would ever see myself wearing these clothes in my current lifestyle but they make me fantasize about a life or even just a movie in which I could wear all of these beautiful clothes.

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The color pallette was mostly neutral, a lot of black but not boring black because everything shimmered in all the right places. There were pops of color in the beautiful, highly covetable handbags, the oversized shirt bows and some of the shiny pleather boots. Texture was not missing in this collection, there were beautiful appliqués on top of wool jackets, laser cut leather midi length skirts, and beautiful fur stoles. This collection checked all the boxes; lace: check, layers: check, dark Viking princess: check, Lady Gaga as model: check. Somehow Marc (kinda sounds like I know him personally, I know) always manages to be moving forward into the future while looking back into the past and being in the moment all at once; it’s magical.

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I can’t wait to see his next show, and you never know maybe, just maybe I’ll be there!

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