Just the tip…………… Tips on how to take better selfies

Hey there fashionmamaaquarius followers!
My lovely sister asked me to write a post about how to take a good selfie. She
asked me as I am clearly the more attractive sister of the three. Ok maybe not, BUT I do take the most selfies.  Am I a
selfie expert? No, I’m just a photogenic person who enjoys taking selfies when
I think I look good. When you’re taking a selfie you should think; location, lighting, background
and is this acceptable. You don’t want to be that person caught on the
jumbotron at a baseball game taking selfies for 20 minutes with a churro in
your face. Or maybe you do…….

“I’m a pretty big deal people know me”. If you are having a great hair
day or just pass the mirror and think “damn I look good” TAKE A SELFIE! Too
many woman and men are overly critical of themselves. Which is ridiculous. Be confident and it will show in your pictures.

“Do you come here often?” Location is important. There is nothing more lame then taking a selfie
in the mirror and seeing your toilet or shower in the background. Keep your
eyes peeled for awesome backgrounds that would help the photo out. Take the
first photo for example. I was at a bar with my friends and I went to the
washroom. The walls were brick and wood. PERFECT selfie background and it was
in a private washroom where I could take a few moments to get the best picture
possible. The B&W one is against a wall in my office.

 “One look I’ll give you one
So I basically have one face that I do when I take selfies. But it works, so why would I change it? Sometimes trying new faces or angles is fun and
you can get a way cooler picture out of it.

Can you see me now? Rarely in a dark
room such as a bar or dimly lit restaurant can you get a great selfie. So just
don’t bother. Enjoy what you are doing and forget about taking a photo of
yourself. Feel free to try if you want or ask a friend to take a picture with
the flash but be realistic that 90% of the time it 
isn’t going to work. The
best lighting you can use in a picture is natural light. I usually stand
looking out of my window and take the picture. Now this 
isn’t direct sunlight
I’m not blinded by the sun. The black and white one is an example of this.
If you are outside be careful of shadows and don’t face the sun straight on or
have it directly behind you.



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