Fashion In The Face Of Frugality

So I have stopped my excessive spending, great! I have also stopped buying what I like to call “throw away pieces” (clothing or accessories that either fall apart in a short period of time, go out of style, or you stop liking), fantastic! Now where does this leave me in terms of my current fashion situation?

After cleaning out my closet a bit, I am now better able to put together outfits and I wear pretty much everything I have. My everyday basics are skinny jeans, a top (tank top, t-shirt, blouse) and a cardigan or sweater. Staying at home with my two kids does sometimes make me miss the days of working in an office and dressing up everyday, mostly because I have worn holes in the knees of all of my jeans from crawling around on the floor and I usually have some sort of food, paint or glue stuck to me by day’s end.

As you may well know, I love the “fashion switch” (the beginning of spring/summer and then the beginning of fall/winter) so much so that I used to get my credit/debit card all revved up for the occasion; so the thought of not buying anything at all for another 10 months makes me die a little inside. Here are a few ways that I plan to look good for spring while still staying loyal to my cause:

1. Attitude Of Gratitude: I am trying to focus on the love and appreciation for the things I already have. This is the benefit of clearing out the stuff you no longer value, it emphasizes why the items that you chose to keep are special. There’s something to be said for well worn items, like a well loved teddy bear, it may be a bit rough around the edges but that’s why it’s your favourite!

2. Live Vicariously Through Others: I love being able to sit out on a patio and people watch, especially when the weather gets nice, usually I use it as inspiration for my own wardrobe choices but now I want to try to just appreciate great street style through osmosis. This one might be tricky because for me, if I see that someone has something nice, it usually makes me want to go out and buy something new. So this one may require a bit more will power but I plan to use it as motivation so hopefully it will be more of a help than a hindrance.

3. Remix Your Closet: I’m going to really push myself to get a bit crazy with my existing wardrobe, mixing colours, mixing patterns, adding accessories, going to bold places that no Fashion.Mama.Aquarius has ever gone before, you get the point. Just try to wear things in a different way, that are not necessarily in your comfort zone.

4. Borrow, Thrift, Replace: If I do start to get antsy for something new, I’ll try asking my sister or bff if they have anything they aren’t wearing these days that I can borrow, it may just quell that need to spend and it’s free! If you really need to “go shopping” because for some of us it is therapeutic, go to your local thrift or consignment shop and search for that perfect item but make sure it’s quality, it has a purpose in your wardrobe and you can see yourself wearing it for a long time. Lastly replacing items, at least in my No Spend Rules, is allowed. You will need to have your own criteria for this but make sure it’s actually a need, not just another impulse buy and it should also meet the quality, purpose and longevity rules mentioned previously.

5. What Would Audrey Do? Audrey Hepburn was so fabulous that she looked good in everything and anything so just use her as inspiration for your own personal fashion excellence. If you feel good about what you wear, it doesn’t matter if it’s new or old, people will only see how happy you are.

There you go! I’ll keep y’all updated on how I actually go with this part of my challenge but I think mentally preparing and knowing my triggers is the key to success.




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