New Year, New Fashion Opportunities

Happy New Year my beautiful readers! I always love the new year, it marks a fresh start, a new beginning, a chance to try to create some new habits. It’s also a chance for unfullfilled resolutions, unused gym memberships and wasted money but hey we cannot have success without failure after all. It’s really just setting new goals for ourselves, raising the bar a little at a time and slightly moving ourselves out of our comfort bubble that will allow us to have success, not drastic changes but minimal changes. For example, I know that I should floss at least twice a day seven days a week but I  am lazy and forget most of the time, so I am picking a few days a week when I force myself to do it and each week I add another day. Stuff like that.

This year our major goal as a family is to live more frugally and minimally. This sounds like no fun at all, considering that I just got my VIB rouge status from Sephora…. But I know that in order to get to where we want to be financially it is a necessary step in the right direction. Also I have decided to embark on a new and exciting opportunity in 2016 that I will go into further come spring time so stay tuned!

As far as my personal goals, I want to start running again (although I’ve never been a winter runner but I figured this year I’d give it a go), I want to minimalize my house (including my closet), to focus my money on good skincare as opposed to spending on makeup, and lastly I want to get back into blogging (I may be moving my blog to a new hosting platform and re-vamping the look) doing more articles, more outfit photoshoots and maybe some videos too.

Here are a few of my favorites from 2015 and also products that I am currently trying for the new year!

In 2015 I purchased a crap load of Honest Company products, my favs are the healing balm (multi purpose balm for the whole family) the body lotion (a light-weight moisturizer that absorbs quickly and lasts all day) and the room and fabric spray in vanilla lavender (I’m addicted and always spray before the girls go to bed). Another brand that I purchased a lot of was First Aid Beauty, I loved their creamy cleanser (kept my skin feeling clean and moisturized) the under eye rescue (a pink tinted concealer/under eye treatment that hides dark circles) and the ultra moisture cream which they are famous for (this is thicker than the lotion I use and is great for winter chapped skin). My budget friendly fav brand is Simple skincare, I tried and loved their moisturizing face cleanser, day/night cream and daily moisturizer with spf (this smelled like sunscreen but didn’t sting or irritate my eyes). For shampoo/conditioner I have not been using anything high end but the Aussie brand has been working well for my hair and wallet! I use their smoothing shampoo and the 3 minute miracle conditioner (a fav from way back in the day!). One major inexpensive favourite has been coconut oil, this multitasker can be found in small containers all over my house and is used as a diaper cream, makeup remover, body moisturizer, and lip treatment in a pinch, additionally I have been substituting it for butter or margarine when possible!

Makeup favs are numerous but I loved the brand Essence this year (eyebrow pencils, liquid eyeliner pens, mascara so (lash princess) and lip sticks are the bomb on a budget!) I loved the Flower cosmetics cream eye shadows and makeup primer, I absolutely cannot live without my Makeup Geek eyeshadows (affordable dupes for MAC). I still don’t have a holy grail foundation but I am currently trying Born This Way by Too Faced and there is a new True Match Lumi I hope to get. My best highlighter this year was the Colour Pop in Lunch Money and I hope to try more of their products in the future.

Fashion favs are few his year as I gave birth in April and I did not buy very many new clothes this year. Being on maternity leave means that I don’t have to dress up every day like I did when I was working so most days I wear jeans and a tshirt or tank top with a cardigan or sweater over top. The brands that I currently love for clothing are Joe Fresh (affordable basics), GAP (cozy, affordable good quality clothing), Zara (fashion-forward, affordable, beautiful tops and jeans) I also order occasionally from ASOS and I also buy second hand as well.

I hope everyone in the world has a great 2016 and that you all keep reading and loving fashion!

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