Is a Capsule Wardrobe in my future?

I’ll be honest, I watch a lot of You Tube. Whether it’s hauls, unboxings, fashion shows, monthly favorites or makeup tutorials, most nights that’s what I watch. Lately, I’ve come across a whole bunch of channels featuring videos on new to me subject matters that have piqued my interest. Minimalism, frugal lifestyles, de cluttering and how to build a capsule wardrobe. I am interested because I am none of these things, I am interested because I want to have more money, time and simplicity in my life in 2016, I am interested because I need a new challenge.

First of all what is a capsule wardrobe and what purpose does it serve? It is a seasonal wardrobe made up of a limited amount of items chosen to be worn interchangeabley in more frequent intervals than the average wardrobe. These are your favorite things to wear, the capsule is comprised of more high quality pieces that will last, the créme de la créme if you will. The purpose of having a small season appropriate wardrobe is to allow for a more simplistic approach to dressing, less options but items that you’ll want to keep wearing and quality that can stand up to the extra washing and drying. Also, having pieces that can go with anything means you have all sorts of ways to make different outfits from 32-36 items of clothing and accessories. Why do I like this idea? I kind of do this without meaning to, I mean don’t we all wear mostly our favorite items over and over? But I like the challenge of buying less clothing over the course of the year but investing in more strategic pieces that are more classic and minimalist. I’ll tell you another reason, whether I’m home with the kids or running errands I want to look nice and be comfortable but I don’t have the time to put together elaborate outfits so the less stuff for me to look through in my closet each morning the better.

Which leads me into the minimalist lifestyle and purging our houses of all the clutter we don’t need. This concept is becoming exceedingly appealing to me, especially since there are now four of us in our household, that means more toys, laundry, paper clutter another junk we don’t need. I feel like I am forever moving stuff from one holding location to another and this leaves the house looking messy and me feeling irritated. So I plan to investigate ways to adopt a more minimalist approach to my life specifically my wardrobe, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom and I believe that in order to maintain minimalism I will have to be much mote discerning when it comes to buying things ( one of my admitted shortcomings) this should in turn hopefully foster a more frugal approach to my my spending habits. If I can save the money that I would otherwise (as my late grandmother would put it) fritter away on junk I don’t need, then I should be able to have a good chunk saved for our future. The one area of frugality in my spending that I have adopted is price matching which is working well but I find that I am buying more than we need because it’s on sale or a better price, which makes sense from a stock-piling perspective.

I have included below some websites and channels that focus on what I have written about above in case you wish to investigate further. I will also be featuring some sets on a capsule wardrobe from Monday to Sunday including outerwear, so stay tuned and let me know what you think!

Thanks for reading!


Melissa Alexandria
The Minimalists
Caroline – Un-Fancy
Pretty Frugal Living
Mrs. January


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