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Hello friends! It’s been so long I know, but to be honest I had my baby in April and I’ve been so busy I haven’t had any time to think let alone blog. But my readers and fashion are never far from my thoughts so I had to get back at er!

What’s new with me? I had my second little girl on April 9th, her name is Abigail Geraldine and she’s a doll. I’ll spare you any of the gory details but I had a great delivery and a complicated recovery. We’re both doing great now though and I’m feeling more and more like a human every day 🙌🏻.

Another thing that has been keeping me busy is wedding planning, as I’m sure I’ve mentioned, I’m getting married in October and it’s a pretty time-consuming task. I’m not the best planner/organizer so thank God for my sister/Maid of honor Meg’s for keeping me on track.

As for my fashion life these days, I’m fitting back into most of my pre-pregnancy clothing, although I did a major KonMari-style purge of my closet because I’ve been hoarding craploads of stuff that doesn’t bring joy to my life and needed to go. My staples these days consist of short or skinny jeans with my fav racer-back bras from Joe Fresh and racer-back tank tops also from Joe Fresh and flip flops from Old Navy. I of cource add accessories to  make these norm-core type “mommy” outfits more exciting but I’m keeping it pretty basic since I’m nursing and often need to pull the girls out at any given time…

I hope to have way more blog projects in the next few months and more style sets to come as well. For more frequent updates follow me on Instagram, Bloglovin,Twitter and Facebook!!!

Thanks for reading 😘

Erin – Fashion.Mama.Aquarius.


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