NYFW – Impressions, Favorites & Trend Report

Rodarte: Love the triangular details (arms of dresses), love the glittery shimmery finish on pieces, low V necks all over the runway, jackets are boxy, over-sized and drapped perfectly. The open-toed sandals for this show were ridiculous although I wasn’t a fan of the lace-up boots.

Look #3 – Houndstooth and fur parka on top, Black deep V and mini skirt undeneath, the perfect mix of demure and party-girl.

Look #11 Black dress with bright poppy floral pattern, long triangular cap-like sleeves and dreamy transparent gauzy assymetrical skirt. Plus shoes, open toed, two-toned leather straped sandal with clear lucite and black patent heel.

Look #16 The ultimate cool-girl-in-the-office look (IMO) Neutral-colored plaid blazer, cream-colored silky botton-down shirt, burgendy-brown leather leggings and beautiful croc-embossed open-toed sandals. The beige over-sized shades and shoulder-length bob complete the look perfectly.

Diane von Furstenberg: Seduction was the theme, not overtly sexy but as always, this collection was suggestive of a confident woman.

Look #1 Of course I have to choose this look, first I am a fan of Kendall Jenner, I think that she’s beautiful despite all the hype and I think she was a great choice for this look and to open the show. This dress is DVF’s signature look – the wrap dress – but it is so simple, a beautiful, innocent cream with a hint of darkness in the black belt and I love the black polka dot leggings and black sandals in contrast to the light dress.

Look #8 This dress is a nice mix between demure and seductive, you can feel good in this dress without your butt or boobs hanging out (even to the office) but it’s not frumpy or boring as it shows off the decollete and arms nicely. The pattern is a bit crazy but I love it, I can’t say why, I just do.

Look # 23 – This was not one of my initial favorites because I do not tend to wear a lot of red but I love the red and black together over the pink and orange polkadot dress and the sheer black polkadot nylons. The coat is perfectly girly but the color is more siran which is an intersting contrast.

Look #29 – I chose this look for two reasons, first because I love Jessica Stam (correction from Heather Marks, another of my fav models!)  and second because although I wouldn’t likely be gutsy enough to wear this dress in it’s super sheer runway form, I think it is a beautiful and pretty perfect LBD.

Victoria Beckham: She is impeccable, her style , her family, her designs. She does everything with a purpose but also with the asthetic in mind. He latest collection had that beautiful tailoring and a certain structure that she is know for but there was also movement to the clothing. The fabrics she used had an unbelievable sheen to them that I just adored and the open-backed looks were sexy without being perverse. Her clothing has a certain simplicity but you just know that so much forethought and work went into each garment. I like that she does not base her designs too heavily on trends but what her woman will want to wear and look good in. It will be difficult to narrow down to a few favorites but I will surely try.

Look #9 – I think this look is the perfect mix of cozy, chic and avant guard. The color combo of lightbeige with white is refreshing and I love the asymmetry of both the sweater and pants (or is it a skirts, actually I think it might just be a skirt).

Look #11 – This coat I absolutely to die for. I love it’s boxy shape, it definitely has masculine qualities but the color and patten lend it a feminine aesthetic as well.

Look #20 –  Being a bride-to-be I’ve got white dresses on my radar these days and I abosolutely love the clean simplicity of this dress but I also like the asymmetry of it that makes it unique. It’s not super girly but I would definitely wear this for a bridal shower or rehearsal dinner!

Erin Featherstone:
All I can think to say is wow. If I could chose a collection that I could wear in its entirty , it would be Erin’s current Fall/Winter 2015 collection. It is the perfect mix of girly and sophistication with hints from the seventies.

Look # 1
– This lace cape with black neck tie over a black sheath dress is girly but also simple and chic. I love the texture of the lace.

Look #15
– I’m obsessed with this pattern, I love the floral and colors which are not too summery and would work for the colder seasons. Its super lady-like but since it’s cut close to the body it can still work for a date night.

Look #19
– So I know this is the same floral patter however I love it and this is such an amazing look that has impact without too much effort, I would totally wear this look (note: I am not a maxi skirt/dress wearer typically). I love that the skirt is a bit high-waisted and the top a bit cropped.

Let me know your favorite NYFW designers/looks! I’ll be posting my reviews of PFW, LFW & MFW soon!




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