Hello Fashionistas!

I felt the need to post an actual real communication post with my lovely blog readers/blog visitors because all I’ve been posting lately has been purely visual outfit sets but alas I have become obsessed once again with Polyvore! 

Hopefully this post is interesting! What’s new with FMA? Lots! The weather in #Ottawa is slowly creeping towards warmer temps and it’s about time because I’m so done with winter boots….. I’m currently 39 weeks pregnant with my second baby girl and anxiously awaiting her arrival, and also being able to get back into a new spring/summer wardrobe, if I see another pair of black leggings I think I may scream, although they have been my savior for the last 6 months. Lastly, I am planning my wedding (yes I’m also a bride-to-be) which will take place in October, so the rush to get a dress and to have it fit perfect is real.

Aside from all those things I have been extremely inspired to create looks! When I create looks I just use my instincts, sure I follow trends, I look at as many of the current runway season as I can and I follow about a bazillion other fashion bloggers on all major social media but what I choose to use in my sets is based on my own tastes and what I would love to wear. I think that everyone benefits from buying and wearing the things that speak to their own personal style, if you just wear what everyone else is wearing, follow every major trend or just put on whatever because you cannot define your style I think you do your style a major injustice. Is it easy to figure out what style is best for you? Hell no! It took me probably 27 years if I’m honest, I wish that I could say I always had fabulous fashion instincts and maybe in some ways I did but I didn’t always listen to them because I felt insecure about stepping outside my comfort zone which was namely what everyone else was wearing (particularly in high school but of course it stretches beyond that). Anyways, I’m glad that I love fashion, I wish that I had more money to afford all the beautiful luxurious brands that exist and I am definitely excited to be sharing my love of fashion with other people who feel the same way. It’s a way of life and definitely not “just clothes”.

It means a lot to me to be a part (a small, still mostly unknown part) of the fashion community but it’s important to me to pursue my passions in any way I can so I want to say a huge thanks to everyone who checks out my blog, reads regularly or follows me on social media! I may be a but sporadic with my posts (as most busy, full-time working people and moms will know) but I endevor to keep coming out with regular interesting content as consistently as possible.

That being said, if I go into labour anytime soon (fingers crossed!) I will probably be MIA for a bit save for a few Polyvores but I will never, ever abandon my post completely :$

With Love

Erin aka Fashion.Mama.Aquarius.


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