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I know this sort of fashion blog post won’t appeal to everyone out there because either you’re not pregnant yet, you don’t ever plan to be pregnant, you’re between pregnancies or you’re finished with that stage of your life but alas I must write what I know and what I am currently experiencing: fashion laziness. I got a nice compliment from a co-worker on my outfit today, she said she really liked what I was wearing and my first thought was, “Is she messing with me?” I looked down a what I was wearing (a cream-colored, stretchy non-maternity top that still fits, a mustard  knit-wool cardigan, charcol maternity leggings, my hubby’s charcol CK dress socks pulled up all the way under the leggings and my black and gold Zara flats) and I had to smile because there was not much thought put into this outfit other than, does it fit? Is it comfortable? Is it appropriate for work?

But somehow this has been my go-to pregnancy look for fall/winter: black H&M leggings (I bought about 4-5 pairs) long tops (not necessarily maternity) and a longer cardigan (I have one black one from Banana Republic that I wear the crap out of). I also have been wearing long thick socks inside my boots that I sometimes refuse to remove once I get to work and wear somewhat unfashionably in my ballet flats. The reasoning behind this apparent half-assed fashion effort on my part has been my refusal to spend a heap of money on pricey maternity clothes that I may never wear again (sure I could sell them, but who wants that hassle?) and what maternity clothes I have from my previous pregnancy are not seasonally appropriate (I had Audrey in August). Hence the leggings and tops look, I will say that I have been conscious of adding accessories, making more of an effort with my makeup (I was pretty notorious for going to work sans-cosmetics) and I do something nice with my hair about 50-60 % of the time (up from a previous 30-40 %).

So my main source of interest lately has not been fashion (although you know that Style.com is my first love and always will be) because looking at all the beautiful clothing that I will not fit into for awhile and therefore cannot buy is slightly depressing. Instead, I have spent the majority of my downtime watching the beauty gurus of YouTube (Hello Eleventh Gorgeous!) buying new beauty products to try (like a lot of new products, I like me a good drugstore haul….) and most recently Yapping about them on my YAPPem app (in order to fund my new beauty product addiction, free giftcards don’t cha know!)

Do I have fashion/beauty resolutions for 2015? Heck yes I do! Here’s my top 3 for fashion, beauty, health/fitness and life in general.

1. Blog more!
2. Try a new look for 2015
3. Take more risks in fashion

1. Do my makeup everyday
2. Try new products
3. Fight aging

1. Hit the gym more

2. Get ready for wedding post-baby
3. Healthier eating

1. Be the best Mom I can be
2. Put in lots of couples time
3. Pay off debts and save lots!

As it is the end of 2014 I just want to say a huge THANK YOU to each and every person who has read my blog, whether it be only a few posts or if you read every week, I am super appreciative for your support and interest. I know that I have been a bit flaky at times with keeping regular content coming out and that is just one of the work/family/fashion balance issues I know I need to work on. I hope to bring you more content in the year to come and I sincerely wish you all a great New Year and an even better 2015! In the very near future I will be hitting the 10,000 views mark since starting this blog just over 2 years ago so I think that there will need to be some sort of celebration for that (contest/giveaway?) Stay tuned!


Erin 💗❤️💗


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