The LBD: Take it From Day to Night!

t’s Christmas/holiday party season for most of us and that means we need to look nice. What gets more mileage during this time than the perfect LBD (little black dress)? Nothing. Some may say, black is boring, it’s not festive, I want colour or I want pattern but there are many ways to make that boring black sheath look fresh and festive again and again.

I have done a day and night look using the same simple but beautiful LBD from (click the link to see their collection of the hottest LBD’s out there). A simple dress can always be transformed, the devil is in the details, it’s all about putting together a look, using the right shoe, bag and accessories will make your look feel fresh every time. 

Don’t be afraid to try something different, to stretch slightly outside your comfort zone. Maybe instead of wearing the same pair of ballerina flats, this time try some shiny oxfords. It doesn’t have to be a major departure from your regular wardrobe but even subtle differences such as changing up the accessories, can make a big impact.

Here’s my day look:

DailyLook LBD Day Look

DailyLook LBD Day Look by fashion-mama-aquarius featuring a cream eyeshadow

Here’s my night look:

DailyLook LBD Night Look

DailyLook LBD Night Look by fashion-mama-aquarius featuring golden shoes

Let me know what you think! I’d love to hear from you on your favourite way to style a LBD. 🙂




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