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ately I have had some serious writer’s block, it seems difficult to continually produce new materials when I have a busy working-mom schedule and haven’t had the time to sit down and brainstorm. I feel like the key is to immerse myself once again in all things fashion, to reignite the fashion flame that has always burned inside of me.

I have a bit of news which is not really fashion-related but will bring a new dimension to what I write about, FMA is expecting another little one! That means that I get to do some shopping for new clothes as I grow out of all the stuff in my current wardrobe (sniff sniff). This has probably contributed to my writer’s block because as much as I have wanted to do so much fall/winter shopping and outfit shots, I knew that those clothes wouldn’t fit for long. 

Maternity At It's Finest

Maternity At It’s Finest by fashion-mama-aquarius featuring black gloves

H&M black jeans, 54 CAD / Topshop Fantasy Print Longline Maternity Kimono, 95 CAD / Cami Nursing Top, 66 CAD / Rag & bone high heel boots, 585 CAD / Warehouse crystal earrings, 11 CAD / Monica Vinader white topaz jewelry, 280 CAD / Mulberry black glove, 370 CAD / Infinity scarf, 45 CAD / Comme des Garçons black hat, 295 CAD / Mykita sunglasses, 625 CAD

The not-so-wonderful world of maternity shopping is (if you’ve never been pregnant) a wasteland (especially in Ottawa). There’s very little selection, it’s expensive and unless you time your babies to be born during the same season, you end up having to buy more the second time around (which is a waste of money if you only plan to have 2 kids). Do not get me wrong, I am so excited to be pregnant again, it’s a special time in my life that I will only experience a couple of times but trying to look good, be comfortable and cost-effective is a bit of a challenge.

Thankfully, this time around I am more online-shopping savvy and I have recently discovered that Asos has a maternity line (with lots to choose from) I have also discovered Pink Blush Maternity (affordable clothing, albeit crazy patterns) Hatch Maternity (quality, high-end clothing but with a hefty price tag) and H&M Maternity (not many stores carry it and you cannot buy online in Canada at this time, boo!) There’s also Old Navy Maternity, which for some reason, cannot be purchased on the Canadian website but only at select locations (I just looked this up on the US website and you can now ship to Canada from this website!).

Although there are many options for buying beautiful maternity clothes that are sure to make me look good as I grow, they are expensive and I always like to get more for my money, not to mention I will probably not have any more than two children. So my game plan is to buy regular clothing in a size up from my usual small, this coul be tricky however because the only parts of me that really gets bigger are my boobs, butt and belly so regular clothes may not accommodate me in the right places. I have recently found an amazing website called Necessary Clothing, this online boutique (they also have four retail locations in New York) has a wide selection of flow-y tops, pants, skirts and leggings with an elastic waistband and cardigans (which let’s be honest I hardly ever do up my cardigans anyways). My thinking is to buy some of these stretchy, more forgiving items in one size larger than I would normally buy and that it should be comfortable during pregnancy but also wearable post-pregnancy. The other upside to doing this is that their prices are much more reasonable so I can get more items for less money.

I’m not sure yet what the best plan of action will be but I do know that my wardrobe options are getting slimmer as I get bigger an mama needs a good ol shopping spree ASAP!

What are your favourite maternity brands that are trendy but affordable? Did you even wear maternity clothes? Holla at me and help me out!




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