When Fashion Breaks The Bank

Cheap Thrills: Fashion That Doesn't Break the Bank

Cheap Thrills: Fashion That Doesn’t Break the Bank by fashion-mama-aquarius featuring multi colored sunglasses

White dress
27 CAD – loveredlabel.com

Button down shirt
17 CAD – 2020ave.com

Tuxedo jacket
33 CAD – stylemoi.nu

Chicnova Fashion denim jeans
27 CAD – chicnova.com

ASOS knee high boots
40 CAD – asos.com

Francesco Milano red jacket
47 CAD – pret-a-beaute.com

MANGO drawstring bag
44 CAD – mango.com

here’s some of us who are blessed with lots of money, whether it be from family money or a really high paying job or even a lucky lottery win. Unfortunately, there are also those of us who make a modest income and when all the bills are paid and the groceries are bought, there’s not always a lot of money left for buying clothing and accessories. So does this mean that we should load it onto the good old credit card, just so we can have all the latest trends in our closet? Or worse yet, should we deprive ourselves completely until such time that we can actually afford to buy what we want? (Note: this is probably the more financially savvy option) My answer to this is: it’s complicated.

This has forever been my fashion-dilemma: how to have all the beautiful and expensive clothing and accessories that I want without getting into massive debt in the process. I’ve said it before, I used to spend all my pay cheques on cheap clothes and accessories and never saved up for anything. Now I’m starting to see that if I want the high end clothing and the designer hand bags, then I either have to start putting cash aside and keep my need to spend on lockdown or else I must find a way to make a lot more money!

So if you’re in the same boat, here’s what I suggest; start a clothing fund and put $50 (or whatever you can afford) every pay and also give yourself a little Mad Money every pay to get you through the weeks until you have saved up enough to afford that pair of boots or that handbag that you’ve been lusting after. It also doesn’t hurt to search around for the best deal for what you want, wait until it’s on sale, use a coupon, just don’t pay full price because you’re too impatient. Some people are champions of delayed-gratification, even take pleasure from it, I am not one of those people. When I get the idea to go to a certain store or buy a certain item there’s not much that will keep me from doing so, I get more out of instant gratification than from waiting but that’s not always cost-effective. 

Another thing that I find helps to clarify my fashion wants is to make myself a list with a timeline for when I hope to be able to purchase that item. In doing this I find it really helps to see it all in front of me and then I can decide what is realistic, what things I don’t really need and how much money will it cost to make it all mine.

What is the one fashion item you can’t help but buy? Mine is probably tights, it’s my go-to cheap-thrill for when I feel like I need to buy something new but don’t have a large amount to drop. Let me know what cheap-thrill or splurge you can’t resist!




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