Fall Fashion: Does Your Wardrobe Change With The Calendar Or The Weather?

Fall has always been a favorite time for me ever since my back-to-school days, the anticipation and thrill of planning, buying and wearing a new wardrobe was one of my most coveted rituals. That has stuck with me throughout the years and even though I’m not in school anymore I still look foreward to this time of year that marks the beginning of warm-weather clothing.

Another thing I remember being annoyed about from those days was wanting to wear my fall wardrobe but the weather was still quite warm. I remember seeing other kids wearing their shorts, t-shirts and sandles to school when I desperately wanted to wear my cords, button down and new runners. This same dilemma exists today, living in Ottawa where seasonal temperatures for fall can be warm or cold depending on the year, we are often unable to change our wardrobe when we flip the calendar to September but rather are at the mercy of Mother Nature.

Another thing that gets me excited for fall is being able to bust out my tights and leggings again, I am always a bit sad when spring hits that I have to put them out of my closet as I feel like they add a nice pop of colour to my outfits and make my shorter dresses more office-appropriate. 

The weather in Ottawa this summer has been cooler and a bit wetter than usual but for the past week it’s been warm so everyone is trying to get maximum mileage out of their shorts, tank tops and sandals. As for me, I’m like a fashion-robot, pre-programmed to be gearing up for the fall wardrobe switch after labour day, though I do like to break the rules a bit and wear my white jean jacket from time-to-time once the leaves have started to drop.

Next week I’ll be talking about fall fahion trends and I have a new designer profile on the go, so stay tuned!




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