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Orange is the New ♥

Orange is the New ♥ by fashion-mama-aquarius featuring a genuine leather coat

Givenchy jersey shirt
315 CAD –

Fendi genuine leather coat
5,575 CAD –

Rebecca Taylor silk shorts
270 CAD –

Stuart Weitzman roman sandals
395 CAD –

Lizzie Fortunato miniature purse
595 CAD –

House of Harlow 1960 bracelet jewelry
52 CAD –

Tory Burch evening jewelry
115 CAD –

House of Harlow 1960 stud earring set
41 CAD –

Maison Michel felt hat
525 CAD –

Ray-Ban black glasses
250 CAD –

Opi nail color

There are people out there who are naturally bubbly, outgoing and friendly to everyone that breaths and then there are those people who are quiet, shy and have wallflower written all over them. To be fair, there is probably also a third category of personality out there that is a mixture of both. For the intents and purposes of this post, let’s say I’m the third category. I’m slightly shy when I don’t know you that well but once I’m comfortable, look out I’m loud and cracking jokes (is this considered borderline personality disorder? I’ll be Googling that tonight!)

So the other day I see this chick as I’m waiting in the rain for my bus, she has on this awesome dark orange rain coat with clear PVC details on the hood, waist and pockets and some pretty cool tan leather, pointy toed quasi sandal-ankle boots. So I’m coveting her outfit like crazy and then I think, “I’d like to ask her where she got her coat”, but then I think, “no”. Then I think, “I should give her my card and see if she’s interested in being a model for my Street Style Project”, then I think, “oh yeah, I don’t have any business cards”. Then I think, “crap, there’s my bus, gotta go”. 

Three things that this experience taught me; 1. I shouldn’t allow my shyness to dictate, now I’ll never know where she got her coat. 2. I should have listened to my initial instinct to approach her, I may never encounter her again and her style was tres cool. 3. Order some business cards so I don’t seem like a lunatic asking a complete stranger to model for pictures.

To raincoat girl: if you ever read this, holla at me on twitter with the URL for that coat 😉

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