Fashion Sin: Thou Shalt Not Covet

Covet Sporty

Covet Sporty by fashion-mama-aquarius featuring barton perreira glasses

Go Silk vneck shirt
245 CAD –

Reebok yellow sports bra
46 CAD –

Superga colorful shoes
76 CAD –

Bottega Veneta red leather tote
3,560 CAD –

Les Néréides beading jewelry
410 CAD –

Toy watch watch
340 CAD –

Barton perreira glasses
590 CAD –

C9 by Champion Women’s Woven Run Short Assorted Colors
16 CAD –

We have all committed this sin, we have all at some point in time wanted something that wasn’t ours simply because we saw someone else had it. In fashion this is no different, in fact it probably happens on a daily basis, maybe multiple times a day. I know I am constantly watching what other people are wearing and then am bombarded with thoughts of when and how I can make it mine.

I’ve been thinking allot about this lately, about how my constant want of what I see (whether that be something someone is wearing, something I see in a store or even something I see in an email, damn you marketing executives) playing right into my constant need to shop, and it made me wonder why I always want the things I see. I suppose it’s in our human nature to sin in general, it takes a conscious effort on all of our parts everyday to do what is right and this is the same. 

I have decided to try to monitor these thoughts, and instead of thinking “oh I want that”, to instead make the slight adjustment to “oh I really like what she’s wearing, good outfit choice!” Or use it as inspiration to style my next outfit with stuff I already have (waste not, want not? Bien oui!)

Will this help me in the long run? Will I ever completely stop shopping? Heck no! That to me is unthinkable, as shopping and having something new is one of my great pleasures in life but it couldn’t hurt to cut down a smidge (everything in moderation).

What’s your story? Do you covet? Do you envy? Or are you a saint? Feel free to tweet me @Roxy_Erin18 using #FMABlog and #covetfashion


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