The Sun is Shining, Fashion is in the Air

I’m sitting outside Starbucks (free wifi don’t ya know!) as I write this post, sipping my iced Americano, eating my banana choco loaf and soaking up the sun. As I sit here, I can’t help but notice that, along with the nice weather, out come all the local stylistas. Everywhere I look I see colour, pattern, and summer accessories! I just get so excited to see what other people are wearing, who’s following trends, who’s reinterpreting them and who has reinvented them altogether.

Now I know that we girls can be a bit hard on one another, we can get slightly competitive with the girls we don’t know and when we see another well dressed girl we fly into bitch-mode and in our heads we begin to pick apart her look. I can admit that in the past I have felt this way but these days I’m trying to look at them from the prospective of a blogger, they are, after all, my fellow fashion lovers and in my head I now give them their due credit (I love her look! Omg those shoes with that skirt, amazing! She’s really stylish, I wonder where she got that?) I can be a bit shy talking to people I don’t know but eventually I hope to be able to pass along those compliments verbally….

One thing that I’ve noticed as I’ve gotten older is that I am much more confident in my style decisions, I don’t feel as apprehensive about taking style risks, even if people stare (it usually means that I’ve done something they like). I think the key is to know what you like, wear only what you’re comfortable in and don’t be afraid to use pattern to create a more versatile look.

Sitting on Style Watch is a great way to get inspired by street style, I love observing how other people dress themselves, the only problem is that it also inspires me to go shopping, which isn’t always good for the bank account!

This was just a quick post but please let me know what your thoughts are when you encounter other well dressed ladies? Thanks for reading!




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