Designer Spotlight: Victoria Beckham

Designer Spotlight: Victoria Beckham

Designer Spotlight: Victoria Beckham by fashion-mama-aquarius featuring a v neck short sleeve dress

Victoria Beckham is more than meets the eye. She’s a former pop-icon, a mother of four gorgeous children, wife to world-famous footballer David Beckham and oh yeah she’s also an accomplished fashion designer. On top of all that Victoria is beautiful, rich and über stylish but the most amazing thing that I noticed when watching her interviews and TV mini series, is that she is about as normal as her lifestyle allows and she has worked extremely hard for all that she has achieved in her life.

My love for Victoria Beckham as a designer obviously stemmed from my interest in her as a singer and then as a fashionable mother in the media but even before she debuted her namesake collection in 2009, I had read her book; That Extra Half An Inch, where she describes to her readers her own style rules honed over the years spent in the spotlight. Victoria knows style, not just because she was the posh one but because she has a true passion for it and she’s dedicated to looking polished all the time (although she isn’t afraid to kick back without her makeup and signature 7 inch heels when she is at home with family or friends).

Her designing started with the launch of her sunglasses and denim collection under the name dVb Style, then in the fall of 2008 she made her runway debut at London Fashion Week for her Spring 2009 Ready-to-Wear collection. This first collection featured high-quality, lady-like dresses that were carefully tailored to fit very close to the body and to create a flawless silhouette for the wearer  Both her dVb line and her rtw collection were a resounding success and, as a result, in Spring of 2012 Victoria created a diffusion line called Victoria, Victoria Beckham which featured dresses with the same great design techniques but with a more relaxed and playful aesthetic; making her designs accessible to a wider demographic with their lower price-point. As is usually the case in any creative position, you must evolve in the fashion world to stay current with the needs of your customers and Victoria has definitely done that, much to the surprise of some industry professionals while others remain unfazed, as they had long ago anticipated the inevitable success of this hard-working perfectionist.

The reason I love her designs is because they are classic, the colors are always vibrant and feel current without being too trendy. Although I do not own any of her clothing (still not making the big, big bucks yet unfortunately) I understand that the tailoring of each piece is impeccable, the attention to detail is major and the overall appearance of each look is perfection. She also has a line of handbags and clutches which I lust over on Polyvore quite often and although the handbags are a bit larger and more structured/ridged than I usually like they would still have a place in my collection should I ever win the lottery.  My favourite Victoria Beckham collection to date (this is very difficult to answer) would have to be her Fall 2013 rtw collection. I love the colour palette (royal blue, black, grey, brown, yellow), I love the silhouettes (larger shoulders, longer skirts, still close to the body) and the sheen and movement of the fabrics used is amazing.

She may not be everyone’s cup of tea but in my opinion she’s a gorgeous, talented and creative singer, mother and designer and I hope to be able to see her designs for many years to come (and maybe have a wardrobe full of those clothes too!)

Designer Spotlight: Victoria Beckham

Designer Spotlight: Victoria Beckham by fashion-mama-aquarius featuring Victoria Beckham

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