Designer Spotlight: Marc Jacobs

Designer Spotlight: Marc Jacobs

Designer Spotlight: Marc Jacobs by fashion-mama-aquarius featuring white flats

If I could name the one designer that I admire, not just for their amazing design abilities, but because I genuinely think that they are amazing, it would be: Marc Jacobs

I cannot exactly pin-point the when, the where or the how of this admiration (I thought of using the word obsession but I didn’t want to scare him off, should I be lucky enough to ever have him read this) but I just know that whenever a new season comes out on, I would never be able to look through the slides in order of designer (as my methodical and organized personality usually dictates) but I would skip straight to the M section and wait to be dazzled.

As I was preparing to write this post I decided to watch some interviews of Marc on You Tube where I came across a video interview that Vogue Voices did with Marc back in August 2013 and I just remember thinking; he’s funny, he’s real (just look at all the tattoos), he’s fit and he’s got an amazing imagination for creating fashion fantasy. It seems kind of refreshing for someone who is in the craziness of the fashion world to be able to keep it all together and he does not seem to take himself or life too seriously.

In October 2013, after 17 years of working as creative director for Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs handed over the reins to Nicolas Ghesquiere so that he could focus on his namesake line. One of the things about Marc that amazes me is that he was able to design a ready-to-wear collection each season for both men’s and women’s clothing (not to mention any resort, pre-fall or couture) for three separate design houses (Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs and its diffusion line Marc by Marc Jacobs) albeit with the help of his staff but still that’s allot to juggle! Another thing that is cool about Marc (who is a born and bred New Yorker) is that he would show his Jacobs lines at New York fashion week and then show Vuitton at Paris fashion week, the fact that he was able to live and work in two completely different cities at such a distance is a pretty neat concept to someone who doesn’t leave Ottawa too often, (although having been to both Australia and Poland, I would imagine the jet lag on a regular basis must take it’s toll)

Now I know that this wouldn’t be a proper article if I did not mention anything about what he actually does: design breathtakingly beautiful clothing, shoes, handbags, accessories (and don’t forget fragrances and cosmetics). Although I love all of the collections he’s done for Vuitton, and I think his Marc by Marc Jacobs line is fun and adventurous, it’s really the Marc Jacobs line that has my heart. The fabric choices are always so unexpected to me but then I just nod my head and say yep he’s a genius once again. The silhouettes are always perfect, his colour palettes spot-on and every detail is finely tuned. He creates a fantasy world that I want to be a part of, he is a true visionary and I look forward to many more years of Marc.

Designer Spotlight: Marc Jacobs

Designer Spotlight: Marc Jacobs by fashion-mama-aquarius featured in miley cyrus fashion

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