Would You Post a Selfie for 25k?

Local Ottawa radio station Hot 89.9 had some interesting news to report during their morning show (the Morning Hot Tub) on April 1, 2014, they announced that Facebook and other popular social media sites would soon begin charging for posting selfies.

I, being the gullible person that I am, completely believed every word and, not realizing that it was April fools, I was properly devastated. This is not to say that I am much of a “selfie poster” but I do feel that everyone should be able to express their vanity free-of-charge.

It’s funny how selfies existed long before they coined the name but now that it has it’s own calling card and it’s own song (thanks to the Chainsmokers) the Selfie is it’s own entity and therefore it should probably have it’s own contest as well.

Well thanks to Hot 89.9, Ottawa residents now have the opportunity to post Selfies to their hearts delight, while entering for the chance to win $25,000, it’s win-win if you ask me! So I’m participating of course, the rules are simple, post a selfie as many times as you like to FB, Twitter, or Instagram while including the tags #IAMHOT and #25kselfie, share and you’re all done. The best part is that it’s a random selection for the winner so anyone can win, not just the person with the best pictures.

If I should e so lucky to win I can definitely say that at least some of the winnings will be spent on a brand new spring/summer wardrobe!

For more info on this contest click the Hot 89.9 links above, happy Selfie-ing everyone!



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