Sweet (Fashion) Dreams

Songquan Deng

Fashion is dreamy, if you’ve ever sat and watched the latest runway shows on Style.com or have had the pleasure to actually attend a fashion week, you will understand what I mean. The vision of each designer is expressed through the clothing, shoes, accessories, hair styles and make-up that appear on the chosen models as they cascade down the runway, creating a dreamworld for us to exist in if only for a little while.

I am always amazed at the beauty of the clothing, the way the designers are able to envision the concept for the designs, then sketch them on paper and finally have them manufactured. The way the fabric is draped, moulded perfectly to the models body, the way the sequins are hand-stitched, sparkling from a distance, this is the stuff that fashion dreams are made of.

My ultimate fashion dream? To go to all of the fashion weeks, maybe not all in one season but in my lifetime I definitely want to attend in Paris, Milan, London, New York and Sydney/Melbourne. To be able to see some of the most iconic designers in some of the oldest cities in the world would be the most amazing experience of a lifetime for a fashion lover and I hope that someday soon I can start living this dream!

I’d love to hear from you! What are your fashion dreams? Have they come true for you yet?


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