Style Icon Spotlight: Emily Haines


Style Icon: Emily Haines

Style Icon: Emily Haines by fashion-mama-aquarius featuring a bracelet bangle

We all have our mentors in life, some are people we know and interact with face-to-face, and others are people that we admire and emulate from a distance, like a celebrity, whom we will not likely ever meet.

For me one of those style mentors is Emily Haines from the indie band Metric. If you’ve never heard of this band then I suggest you get on You Tube and look them up stat because they are amazing (IMO). They are an indie-rock band that formed in 1998 in Toronto, Ontario and they have so far released five studio albums as well as many side projects under different names. 

Emily Haines was born in New Delhi, India and later moved to Canada with her family where she was raised in a very artistic and musically creative household.

For me Emily is the ultimate style icon, the moment that I came to this realization  was during one of their shows in July 2008 at the annual outdoor music festival Bluesfest (Ottawa). As she took the stage with her band mates that night, my friend and I kept jumping up (we were so far back) to try to catch a glimpse of what she was wearing. It was a simple outfit of a shiny blouse, short shorts, a zip-up hoodie and boots but I was in awe. She may have a stylist to help her choose her outfits or she may make her own choices but either way everything she wears is pure perfection.

What I love about her style is that it is glamorous, rocker-chic and laissez fair all at once. The way she looks always seems to be an after-thought, as if she got dressed without even looking and it just so happened to look good, a fact to which she was also oblivious to. Her hair is usually a blond shoulder length bob and it is almost always a bit messy, but I think that also suits her and I love the fact that she doesn’t seem to bothered by it. She is a great example of age-less style, although she is 40 this year, she could easily be mistaken for someone in their early thirties and she can wear anything a younger person could wear with her slim and tall physique.

This summer I plan to try to channel a bit of Emily Haines in the ways I dress. Not necessarily a literal stalk her life and wear everything she wears but to take inspiration from her and try to care a bit less about how my outfits will be perceive by others.


Who’s your style icon? Who will you be channeling this summer?


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