Fashionista Foreva-eva? 30 Somethings Have Style Too!

Believe it or not style does not have an expiration date, on the contrary, like a great bottle of red wine, fashionistas get better with age. Just because we are leaving our carefree and wild twenties for the more structured and mature thirties (some of us may be in denial about this) doesn’t mean we should break out the granny panties and twinsets just yet (although my sources reveal that twinsets are trending this season) but rather to embrace our own personal style in a new way.

Often we look to celebrities to define style for the masses and if we look at celebs such as; Sienna Miller, Nicole Ritchie, Rachel Bilson, and even the Duchess of Cambridge: Kate Middleton; we see that they are alk women in their thirties and are all the epitome of style.

So now that you’re thirty, you may want to re-define your style slightly. Even though you may go to the gym everyday and still have the body of a twenty year old, (you should be incredibly proud) doesn’t mean you should still wear the same clothing you wore in high school. Realistically our bodies change through the years and while we should love our bodies the way they are, this is not always the case, and so it is important to buy and wear clothes that make us feel good about ourselves.

Know yourself, if you feel confident rocking the overalls trend, go for it! Some trends may be more appropriate for a younger generation but this doesn’t mean that it can’t be worn by all, simply adapt it in such a way that you take the essense of the trend while staying stylish for the age that you are. For inspirational purposes, get a fashion magazine or search through your favorite style blog and pick out a new trend or color to add to your wardrobe this season, broaden your horizons a little because I’m sure even the most sartorial chicks fall into a style rut sporadically.

My personal picks for spring/summer fashion to try are white head-to-toe, an infusion of mint accessories, a pink topper, yellow and navy together, Birkenstock’s and crew neck sweatshirts with pretty shorts (leather, lace, chiffron). These are interpreted by me and what I’ve seen in my observations of the spring/summer runways looks, as well as street style blogs and print magazines. What trends will you try this season?


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