The Highs and Lows of Street Style

As a law clerk working in downtown Ottawa, I commute by bus every weekday to my office and one of the things I love about this mode of transportation is that I am able to observe street style at its finest.

Street style for me has always been an interesting thing, both because there are no rules and it is a great means of personal expression that even the most popular designers do not dictate. Believe it or not, most people in Ottawa, both women and men, are quite fashionable despite the fact that our shopping scene is still behind compared to Canada’s other capital cities; Toronto, Montral, Edmonton and Vancouver. These days, as opposed to when I was a teenager trying to blend in with my peers, I find other people’s style to be an inspiration for me to trust my instincts when it comes to the way I dress.

This brings me to my topic of mixing high and low; expensive and affordable; branded and annonymous. Lately, I have noticed allot of people wearing the trendy/popular/expensive brands; the Canada Goose parka with the Hunter wellies and the Coach handbag with the Michael Kors watch. While all these brands are high in both quality and appeal, I tend to like someone’s outfit the most when there is mystery, where I find myself asking the question, “I wonder where he/she got that?” In my opinion, when a person mixes high and low in their everyday style there is an understated sartorial current that is both refreshing and exciting.

For example, let’s say you buy a pair of tailored trousers from Calvin Klein for $560 but rather than wearing them with the matching suit blazer, you pair it with a printed blouse from Zara that only cost $75, or your purse is Celine which cost $2,300 but your sunglasses are from Target for $18. It like being on a large scale and trying to find a balance between the upscale and average.

It has definitely given me options to ponder as I decide on my must-have items for spring/summer, the items that have staying power and are more classic will need to be of a higher quality and the items that are here today gone tomorrow, trendy pieces will be on the less expensive side.

Let me know what pieces you deem worthy of investing in or how you like to mix high/low. I will have some pictures to follow this post.



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