I ♥ Club Monaco, Let Me Count The Ways

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For as many years as I’ve been earning money, (15 to be exact) I’ve been spending it on clothing, footwear and accessories. One of the stores I have always loved is Club Monaco for both work wear and casual attire.

When I was in high school CM was huge amongst my fellow students, with the iconic logo crew neck sweatshirt being one of the main trends of the grunge-y nineties. I knew quite a few girls who had this sweater in every colour it came in and I remember thinking, “I must have one!” I did end up having 2-3 of these sweaters and I wish now that I could say that I kept them, as they are making a comeback, but alas I did not (at that time) have the foresight or awareness of cyclical fashion.

What I love about this brand is that it was founded in Toronto (gotta love a homegrown company) in 1985 by Alfred Sung and Joe Mimran (Joe Fresh Style anyone?) and although the stores are now owned by Ralph Lauren and the clothing is made overseas, I still like that it has Canadian roots.

Another reason why this brand floats my boat is the superior quality of their clothing and accessories, I’m not kidding when I say that this stuff lasts forever and a day! I once bought a pair of light grey trousers from Club Monaco, they were snug fitting in the butt, with a slightly flared leg and a nylon tuxedo-like strip down the side of the leg. I cannot recall the exact materials that they were made out of but these pants always fit me perfect and even though I wore them and washed them hundreds of times, they still looked new. I do still have them, however, they have become unwearable from an unfortunate stain so I suppose they were not completely indestructible.

The other aspect that keeps me in love season after season is that they are always evolving with  current runways trends but they also stay true to that crisp, clean and sometimes girly aesthetic that I have come to associate with the brand. I never go to this store and walk away without a sense of longing, both for the merchandise they offer and for a much larger clothing budget with which to afford it all.

Although online shopping on their website is not yet available in Canada, (according to their Facebook page this will be available in April 2014) I did recently go into the Rideau Centre location where I purchased two pairs of full-length skinny “Rachel” trousers for work. I bought two pairs, (a muted green and an off-white) because these pants fit me like a glove and were so comfortable I couldn’t imagine only wearing them once a week! The price point on these pants was much higher than what I would normally spend on such an item, (I love quality but I am a bit cheap) so this was a tought pill to swallow when it came time to pay. Although it was more than I would have liked to spend my thoughts drifted back to that first pair of pants that I had loved for so long and that helped me to realize that some things in life are worth the investment.



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