Friday Lunch at the New Scone Witch

Usually by the end of my work week (TGIF) I have eaten up all the leftovers in the house and have decided to sleep in, which leaves minimal time for lunch-making. So most Fridays I treat myself to lunch at one of the many restaurants in downtown Ottawa.

The Scone Witch was always on my list of places to try but in its previous location of 388 Albert Street (I understand there is also a Beechwood location), it was a bit of a trek for me and so I never went. 

Having recently re-located to Gloucester Street just off Elgin Street, I thought it the perfect opportunity to check them out!

I love the space, it’s open-concept with high ceilings and they have left the electrical and ventilation exposed, giving it a warehouse-y feel. I like that you can see into their kitchen/baking area. The floors are concrete, the walls are grey and the tables and chairs are a beechwood finish which lends a simplicity to the space but there is no warmth or cosiness factor if that is what you’re looking for in a lunch spot.

Their menu is handwritten on a large chalkboard hanging over the cashes  and they have a great selection of “sconewitches”, salads, “mealwitches” and soups, as well as desserts and of course sweet scones. The hot drink menu included a mysterious “witches brew”, (which I assume to be drip coffee), tea,  latté, Americano and cappuccino.

I had the ham & gruyere “sconewitch” on a cheddar scone and my first impression when they brought it to my table (yes, there is table service!) was “looks yummy but I think I may still be hungry afterwards”. I was wrong, the scone was quite filling, it was flavorful, flaky and delicious and the ham was real ham, not deli meat. The only thing I didn’t care for was the mixed great which wilted quickly on the warm sandwich. 

I also ordered a decaf cappuccino, which was not my favorite, it was very milky and was not poured into the right type of cup (tall cup vs. short rounded cup) but I think that I am comparing to other places I’ve been and there may be a different or undefined standard here.

The staff were friendly and welcoming, and the atmosphere was pleasent enough, although I could barely hear the music that was playing on their sound system.

My overall opinion is 4 scones out of 5 and I will be returning at some point for a delicious dessert scone!


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