June 28, 2017

Wedding Season Is Here: How to Be the Best-Dressed Guest

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Being invited to a wedding is exciting (unless, of course, you've been to 10 or more in the last year) especially if you are attending as a guest rather than as a member of the wedding party. You're in for good times, no responsibilities and hopefully a great meal. One of the most important things on your mind when you receive that invite in the mail is: what will I wear?

Choosing a dress can be a daunting task, especially if you don't dress up often. Here is a quick guide to help you with your decision!

1. Choose a dress that fits comfortably: I hope this doesn't come off as boring or granny-esque but choosing a dress that fits you properly and feels good when you're wearing it will serve you well during the 10-12 hours you will be wearing it, not to mention sitting, standing, eating and dancing. The other day, for example,  I was in a boutique trying on a dress in the size I normally wear, I noticed it felt tight around my rib cage and although it zipped up, the zipper was wavy rather than flat. When I tried the next size up, I felt more comfortable and although it was slightly loose at the top of my back, I would much rather feel secure in the dress and pay to have it taken in a little bit rather than be uncomfortable all night.

2. Make sure your dress is weather appropriate: This one is simple and it falls under the comfort category as well (I worry about these things for you!) you want to be prepared for the environment you will be in. Choose a sleeveless or cap-sleeved dress for anything that will be outdoors during the hot months and if it will be indoors always bring a sweater or wrap (that air con can be frosty). The same style of dress can also work for winter weddings in colder climates (assuming it's indoors) but you also have the option to choose a dress with long sleeves, which may eliminate the need for the extra layer (less stuff to bring along is a score in my books). Like it or not, there is always the chance of rain so plan to have an umbrella handy, keep that outfit dry and fabulous.

3. Keep your accessories low-key and minimal: If you went with a very simple dress (perhaps you decided to forego buying a new dress in favour of wearing something you already have) then by all means, accessorize that shit! But if you chose a dress with a pattern or lots of texture I would recommend going light on the accessories.  I'm a big fan of gold bracelets layered in different textures and thicknesses as well as dainty gold necklaces, when layered together I think they add an understated and effortless quality to any outfit. I'm not big on earrings or rings lately but small gold studs and dainty gold layering rings would be my pick. If the dress has a high neckline or a lot of details on the bodice you could think about skipping the necklace and instead focusing on earrings and bracelets.

4. Pick shoes that you can dance in: Now I know we've all done it and I don't want to sound judgy but dancing around at the end of the night in bare feet because your shoes are crazy isn't cute. Not to mention the fact that many venues will not allow it for safety and hygienic reasons. Luckily, there are many options that are better than naked feet so stay tuned! If you must go high, try choosing a wedge or platform; they give you the height you desire without the pain, it's win-win really. Another option is to stash a pair of fold-away ballet flats or flip-flops in your purse to change into once you feet start to protest the shoe. Many brides these days will supply a pair of flipflops so you can easily dance the night away pain-free!

5. Take a small clutch and pack only essentials: This is an occasion that you don't want to be tied down with a gym bag for a purse. By choosing a clutch, a small cross-body or even a little leather backpack purse, you can have your essentials (keys, phone, sunglasses, lipstick, cards and money) AND the freedom to dance like a goddess without worrying about your purse.

That's all for now but I will have a few more post coming for my Wedding Season Series so don't forget to sign up for updates on my latest posts!


June 25, 2017

How to Style: Hats

I have never been much of a hat person, I always felt funny, like I was trying too hard. Then a last summer I ordered a light green (pistachio?) woven fedora sun hat by Sunday Afternoons and I am properly obsessed with hats as an accessory. Here's a small guide to hats and some tips for how to style them.

Style: Not every type of hat will work for you, it will depend on a few factors such as your personal style, face shape and hair length. Buying hats online can be tough since you are not able to try it on so I recommend buying in person or at least going to try on some different styles before you commit. Color also play a role in your decision; I chose a colored hat versus neutral but I've been pleasantly surprised with how well it goes with most of my wardrobe. If you tend to wear a lot of neutrals anyway, a hat with color could just be that pop your outfit is lacking. The best way to determine if a hat works for you is to take a friend with you when you try them on to help you weed out the hats that work and don't. It may also help to take photos of yourself in the hat to look at later so you can see if you're happy with the look.

Setting: Another consideration when looking for hats; where are you going? Will you wear it at the beach, to and from work, a night out or to a wedding. There are so many different scenarios where a hat could be a kickass accessory so determine where you will wear it most often and that can help you narrow down the right style. Some hats, like the fedora are versatile enough to work on the beach and at night so that's a good style to try if you are a bit hat-shy.

Sun: Hats may look cool but they also serve another purpose; sun protection. Some hats like the hat I purchased from Sunday afternoons has added spf woven into the hat so you are giving your hair and scalp an extra layer of safety from UV damage. 

Sexy: Sometimes we think that we can't pull off a certain item of clothing, if it falls outside our comfort zone we write it off as something that looks good on others but not us. This is ridiculous, wearing something different takes confidence and being confident is sexy, therefore wearing a hat can be sexy too. Confidence in yourself doesn't happen overnight, you can't buy it and no one can give it to you. Instead it is something that is developed overtime, as you push yourself to feel uncomfortable, to be looked at, to be front and centre. It's scary but in the end people admire someone who takes risks and who is always their authentic self.

My take on how to style my particular hat was to really let the color of the hat be the centre of attention, so the rest of my look is black and white. The ribbon on the hat is in black so this helps to anchor it to the rest of the color pallette. Like this look? Shop the look below with same/similar items!

Thanks for reading! See you in the next post. 


June 08, 2017

4 Steps To Choosing The Perfect Outfit Everytime

Photo Credit: VOGUE

Do you ever step into your closet in the morning before work or before a night out and cringe because you realize you "have nothing to wear"? Yep, that's a feeling we all have once and awhile but it doesn't have to be all "doom and gloom" because with a bit of forethought, you will always leave your house looking like a top fashion blogger in your #OOTD. The key to success is "outfit planning".

Personal style is something that is unique to every person; some of us adopt the status quo, to blend in with the crowd like a style-chameleon. While others learn early on to listen to their own inner fashion voice; choosing to push outside their own comfort zone in the name of looking different. Whatever end of the spectrum you fall on doesn't really matter, as long as you are prepared to use your intuition and your imagination to plan your wardrobe to perfection.

It can be difficult to plan your outfits when your closet is overflowing. Downsizing, minimizing, curating; whatever you want to call it,  this needs to be done. I would recommend doing a "wardrobe scan" (checking that you still like, wear and fit each item) at least annually if not seasonally. By streamlining your clothing collection; you will have more "favourite pieces", you will have less choice, which to me equals less stress and you will "know what you have" which is like having a "mental inventory" of all the items in your closet; this is extremely helpful when you are visualizing potential outfits.

1. Visualize it: It's the first step and I think the most important step in planning your looks ahead of time. Try to choose one item that you really like and want to feature as the "focal point" of the look. This can be anything; a dress, a hat, a pair of shoes, whatever you like. Once you have the "main item" chosen, try to visualize yourself wearing it. Next you will think of items that will compliment this item and visualize how they will look. For example: if you chose a dress, then you need to choose shoes, a handbag, possibly a sweater, jacket or scarf as well as accessories. If imagination isn't your strong point you can definitely pull items out and do a "physical outfit planning session" (the only downside is that it can be messy and a bit more time-consuming, you also have to be with your closet whereas visualizing can be done anywhere).

2. Write it: This is always my go-to when I need to get my creative juices flowing. This step can go hand-in hand with Step #1 because as I visualize what each piece would look like together, I am writing it down on paper. By writing or typing your outfit ideas out, it helps to organize your thoughts (which let's face-it, if you're crazy busy like most people, your mind can be a jumble) into a more visual format, this can be extremely helpful if visualizing the outfit in your mind is difficult. Another perk to recording your outfit ideas? It will serve to jog your memory when you inevitably forget all those wonderful outfits you planned.

3. Try it: There's only one sure-fire way to know if the looks you planned are good; try them on. By trying your outfit ideas in advance, you will know how it will look, you can make sure that you feel comfortable, that everything is clean and fits properly and also if anything will need to be ironed or steamed before wearing. If you try a look on and your "fashion senses" are tingling, telling you that something is just not right, you can definitely take that as an opportunity to tweak your look until it's perfect.

4. Photograph it: Last step, I promise. This is not a crucial step but it doesn't hurt to take a picture of your outfits, it can help you to keep a bit of a "lookbook" which can help you reflect on which looks were hits and which were misses. It can also help you to remember which looks you were going to wear if you planned and took the pictures in advance. Another reason to snap a quick pic gives you the opportunity to look back on your style over the years, and THAT is always good times.

Planning outfits can be daunting at first but it is really fun once you start. Try getting inspiration from Pinterest and making your own boards to give you a jumping off point. You don't need to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe to achieve "outfit planning success", all you need is imagination, creativity and to trust your own style instincts.

I hope you enjoyed this post, please let me know in the comments below if you tried this method and how it worked for you or if you found your own method that worked better!


June 02, 2017

Wedding Season Is Here: Gift Giving 101

Well folks it's official, wedding season is upon us and I am definitely excited to help some very good friends celebrate their upcoming nuptials. Over the month of June, I will have a mini series of posts dedicated to ideas for how to be the best-dressed guest at the wedding and one of the best accessories you can have is a kick-ass gift so here is a little guide to gift-giving for weddings.

Now that we’re in the midst of wedding season and everyone’s scrambling to get in their RSVPs, finding the best outfit for the occasion, and of course, trying to figure out what to buy the newlyweds is top priority!
If you’re like me, and don’t exactly excel in the gift giving department, here are some helpful, fool-proof tips.

1. First things first, check the couple’s wedding registry! This will have everything the couple wants and needs. If you buy something off the registry, then you never have to ask yourself “is this something they would really want?” Also, the sooner you buy off the registry, the better. You don’t want all the good gifts to be taken!

2. Spend what you can! Weddings are expensive enough, and the couple isn’t expecting you to break the bank on their special day. Most registries will have gifts from every price point, but if you want to get them a bigger item, get some friends together and contribute towards a group gift.

3. Lastly, if tangible gift giving isn’t necessarily your thing, don’t worry about it! You can never go wrong with sending the couple a cheque, or contributing to the couple’s cash or honeymoon fund. While there’s still some debate out there on whether this is “tacky,” trust me, the couple will be grateful.

What are your gift giving tips? Let me know in the comments!

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