April 20, 2017

3 Ways to Make Fashion & Earth Day Collide

This Saturday, April 22nd is Earth Day; this is a day to show the place we ALL call home some much needed gratitude. It is a day (only 24 hours!) to recognize the good, the bad and the ugly and to try to reduce our own environmental impact. This doesn't have to be extreme (zero waste, becoming vegan, only wearing sustainable, organic clothing), though these are all great ways that individuals can make a positive impact on the earth, it can seem tough to change our habits so drastically.

Starting small and working towards larger goals is a great way to succeed without overwhelming your already busy life. In this post I will concentrate on how to make positive, earth-friendly changes to your fashion-life but since Earth day is multi-faceted I recommend searching for other ways to make a difference as well. The life-cycle of your wardrobe is simple; shop, wear, wash. Here are some ways that you can make this cycle safer for Mother Earth:

Let's face it, shopping is an addictive habit for many of us. It can make us feel better when we've had a bad day, it can entertain us when we're bored and it can even be considered exercise. The problem is that we as a society like to shop often, we like to shop in bulk and we like to shop discount (for the most part); this is a great way to stimulate our economies but it's horrible for the environment.

Cut down: 

If you shop daily, weekly or even monthly for clothing your closet is probably a hot mess. Shopping that frequently, especially if you already have a full closet, can make it hard to buy pieces that go well together. Taking a step back and wearing what you already have, preferably in a smaller "capsule" collection can help you to identify "holes" in your wardrobe, so you aren't wandering around stores buying pieces you "like" you buy pieces that will "fill the gaps" and go perfectly with what you already have. Slowly cut down your shopping trips to give yourself some perspective on what you have vs what you need.

Waiting period:

This ties into cutting down, by instituting a waiting period, you learn to delay the gratification that comes with buying new things. When you are out shopping or online shopping and see something you like, make yourself wait a certain period of time, 1-30 days before you purchase it, doing this can help curb impulse purchases and will increase your satisfaction with the item because it's something you really like and were willing to wait for.

Less is more:

I've talked about this before; buy better quality things. You'll have them for longer, appreciate them more and probably spend less money in the long-run. Not to mention, you'll pull yourself out of the cycle of buying, wearing and donating or throwing away; this is not good for the earth and is basically throwing money in the garbage. One brand that echos this exact sentiment is Toronto brand Encircled. Their mantra is "Be More With Less" and this is echoed in their high-quality, sustainably sourced, locally made line of clothing. Their stuff is simple but beautiful and they are often sold out as they make their items in small batches but well worth checking out if you want less items that are multi-purpose check them out! http://bit.ly/2ph7LXp (This is an affiliate link, I earn a small commission from any purchases through this. I truely appreciate any support for this brand and for myself as an independant blogger!)

These tips are not expensive or time-consuming, they will test your willpower for sure but you may end up saving money in the end. I have more tips that cover other aspects of making your closet more "earth-safe" which I will do as a series of posts following Earth-Day. Hope everyone is enjoying the spring weather!

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April 15, 2017

4 Fashion Bloggers To Follow Now

Is there anything better than sitting down on a Sunday morning with a cup of coffee and your favourite fashion blog? Nope. For me, fashion blogs are essential for outfit inspiration and to stay in the loop on current trends. Here is a round-up of the top four  fashion blogs that I can't stop reading. Let me know some of your favorites in the comments below!

1. Happily Grey - Mary Seng

Photo Credit: Happily Grey

Mary of Happily Grey has an undeniably cool aesthetic; her style is unique and she always manages to be on-trend without being predictable in her outfits. She has a distinct, mostly-neutral color-palette, choosing to play around with different textures and experiment with a variety of silhouettes. Her site is very visual; heaps of beautiful outfit photos and short but sweet reading material. I love Mary's blog because she is a fashion-chameleon, she doesn't hesitate to mix different styles, and is brave enough to stand out in the crowd. I am always inspired by her looks and totally envious of her quality, high-end wardrobe. (Source: Happilygrey.com)

2. Un-Fancy - Caroline Joy Rector

Photo Credit: Un-Fancy

If you're like me and love a good capsule wardrobe, you need to check out Un-Fancy. Here, Caroline takes you through the ins and outs of creating and maintaining a sustainable closet. She has a beautiful, fresh, minimalist blog that is jammed packed with all the info you'll need to start putting together your very own capsule wardrobe. Through her blog she shares her own wardrobe experiments, her capsules and even invites her readers to participate in wardrobe challenges like the Spring Remix 10x10 Wardrobe Challenge. Un-Fancy and Cladwell even offer a Capsule Builder App for $5 (USD I'm guessing) a month, which can help you generate a customized capsule based on your needs and lifestyle. Don't have that extra cash to drop on the app? No worries! She also has a free, printable wardrobe planner which can give you a jumping-off point to start your own fabulous capsule. Oh, and most importantly she is a supporter of sustainability in fashion, big thumbs up. (Source: Un-Fancy.com)

3. Style Bee- Lee Vosburgh

Photo Credit: StyleBee

In 2015, Lee of Style Bee was a woman on a mission. To simplify her closet, to hone in on her personal style and to live a better life with less stuff. She then embarked on a "Lean Closet Mission" for which she created a series of workbooks that have helped her and her readers to achieve harmony in their wardrobe She delves into theory behind why we shop and how to shop smarter; she writes about how to define your style and how to come up with your color-palette; she explores print and pattern, shape and fit as well as how to clean-up your closet and shop responsibly. Basically her site is chalk-full of interesting fashion know-how that could keep you busy reading for hours on end. Her style could be described as minimalist and classic; she always looks smart, polished and most importantly - comfortable. (Source: Stylebee)

4. Blair Badge

Photo Credit: Blair Badge

Now here is a chick that knows her style. Her outfits are always neutral (black, white, grey, beige and denim blue), pretty minimal and she pulls off cool every time. Rather than use a lot of color or bold patterns she focuses on the shape, silhouette and fit of the clothing she wears. Every garment fits her body perfectly, she exudes confidence; obviously very comfortable with her own brand of style. I imagine looking into her wardrobe and seeing order, monochromatic organization and an unrivaled harmony of neutrals. One thing that stands out about her blog is the amazing photography. The choice of backgrounds are perfect; completely basic and uninteresting (concrete, brick, a chain-link fence and more concrete) which  works beautifully. There is not a ton of written content on her blog, not many articles or advice but it makes up for the lack of words with its incredible sartorial stimulation. (Source: BlairBadge)


April 04, 2017

Your Complete Guide to The Best Spring Summer 2017 Trends

BIG NEWS! Spring has FINALLY hit Ottawa, I even saw the first bug of the year! In order to kick off spring properly, I would like to share with my readers a Guest Post from Suzy Walsh of House of Elegance Fashion; thanks Suzy!

Fashion is all about your personal take on trending ideas and styles. You can always create a new segment in your closet, as long as you have enough inspiration. In this post, we will guide you through the spring 2017 trends. Spring/Summer 2017 collections had some amazing surprises for everyone, and if you are unsure of what to shop for, we have enlisted the best trends right below for your help. Styling for spring has never been this easy!

 [Images Credit: www.popsugar.com]

Pinky promise: Pink for spring? Might not be a groundbreaking idea, but the palette was a mix of many unique shades. Right from simple baby pinks and pastels to berry tones and fuchsias, the colour was everywhere. Probably you cannot go wrong with pink summer dresses, or else you can even try a soft pink for your formal suit. There’s a lot to try, and you can find some fun ideas at Givenchy, Bottega Veneta, and Prabal Gurung to name a few.

 [Images Credit: www.popsugar.com]

Up for stripes: Stripes, ruffles and tassels have been spring staples for a while now. In 2016, we had some really strong stripes making a mark on the runway, but this year, it is all about minimalism and casualness. You will love the outfits we spotted in the collections of Chanel, Monse, ChloĆ© and Fendi. You can try simple A-line dresses and skirts or casual shirts and shirt dresses – the choice is yours! Also, we insist that you check online stores, where you can find similar styles at much lesser prices. Don’t miss on trying new colour mixes.

 [Images Credit: www.popsugar.com]

Let’s show off: Sheer materials, see-through outfits, peek-a-boo designs and transparent styles made a big impression on the runways this season. The message is all about – “Show it off”. The idea is to try outfits that aren't exactly in your comfort zone. You can try simple cut-outs or a see-through shrug over your regular bikini- the options are too many! Make sure to check the collections of Dior, Prada, Bottega Veneta, and Anya Hindmarch for some ideas. If you don’t want to buy new things, never mind because you can still try layering with those crop tops!

 [Images Credit: www.popsugar.com]

Very casual indeed: We love the startling lazy prints and floral ideas spotted at Peter Pilotto, Rosie Assoulin, and Ports 1961. Spring 2017 will have a lot of these prints, and you have probably found a few in stores already. It is all about playing with prints that are not very conventional but have an essential spring vibe. Try dresses, casual maxi outfits or even a nice printed skirt – There’s enough for every pretty lady out there!

Hope you found this post worth your shopping list! Follow this super nice blog, and we will be back soon with another talk on fashion and style. Enjoy the spring!

Author: Chief Editor for The House Of Elegance Fashion, Suzy Walsh has come a long way as a fashion author. She is known for her incredible sense of styling and great writing, which finds mention in some of the leading online blogs.
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