February 28, 2017

Ethical Brand Spotlight: Encircled

Photo Credit: Encircled.ca

Perhaps you've recently discovered that the current mainstream fashion and retail industry doesn't quite float your boat. The idea that you are one pawn (amongst millions) in the chess game of fashion doesn't sit well, and it shouldn't. 

Most of us have a set of values that we live by; these are different for each person and will depend on many factors. In general, we as consumers don't want to be taken advantage of, we don't want to spend money on items that don't last. We want to buy high quality clothing for a reasonable price, right? Unfortunately, what we're getting when we shop the "high street" (affordable, big-box clothing retailers) is usually trend-based, season-specific clothing which is not made to last longer than a few years at best. The reality is; we usually get tired of the item long before it falls apart. 

What is the answer? Well one solution to this problem is to research brands before buying, making sure that their brand values match our own. Over the next few months I will be posting about brands I have come across in order to highlight them for their forward-thinking, innovative, and sustainable tendencies. (These posts are not sponsored, they are my own opinions and all photos and information have been used with the permission of each brand.)


They call you Wanderluster, a world-traveller, a free-spirit. Encircled is a brand with a vision for its customer. To be able to travel the world with only a carry-on in tow; nothing to hold you back or delay you from your next inevitable adventure. They're on a mission to help you pack lighter and do more with less. (source: encircled.ca)

This company offers "full-circle" fashion; which they describe as fashion that is better for our planet, that benefits the people who make it, and that gives its customer a better life. This is a company based in Toronto, Canada (Yaaas Canada!) and all its clothing is ethically made in small batches; slow-fashion if you will.

Here is a rundown of their sustainable MO:

  • Produce in small batches, they produce only what they will need
  • Production takes place 100% on Canadian soil, thereby reducing the impact of emissions and carbon footprint from shipping products from overseas
  • Source eco-fabrics such as: Modal (from Beech trees), Tencel (from Eucalyptus trees) and Bamboo
  • Textile process is sustainable using low-impact dyes
  • Closed-loop process, no "waste water" in textile manufacturing
  • Leftover cuttings are used to make products such as headbands
  • Use suppliers with matching principles and values
  • The list goes on click here to see the full list of sustainable initiatives 

My favorites from their collection: 

The Transform Leg Warmers - $58
Photo credit: Encircled.ca

The Wanderer Sleeveless T, black model - $58
Photo Credit - Encircled.ca

The Evolve Top, Mineral Grey - $98
Photo Credit: Encircled.ca

Same top, different look!
Photo Credit: Encircled.ca

Same top, different look!
Photo Credit: Encircled.ca

Same top, different look!
Photo Credit: Encircled.ca

Chrysalis Cardi Bamboo, Feather Beige $138
Photo Credit: Encircled.ca

Chrysalis Cardi, same cardi - can be worn 8 ways!
Photo Credit: Encircled.ca

Dressy Sweatpant, DK Heathered Grey Modal - $148
Photo Credit: Encircled.ca

Let me know what you think of clothing brands with an ethical & sustainable identity in the comments below! Want to be notified when new posts go up on Fashionmamaaquarius.com? Don't forget to sign up by email :)


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