May 02, 2014

Friday Fashion: Going Casual at Work

Do you want to know what is One of the best ideas to ever hit the office? Casual dress days of course! I consider myself to be pretty fortunate because at my workplace, we are permitted to wear jeans every Friday. Some offices I've heard of do not allow this at all, while others offer it as an everyday option, and then there are some employers who only offer it once a month.

I think it's very important to clarify one key detail: this is a casual dress day and not a dress down day. It is an opportunity to wear your more comfortable jeans and a t-shirt perhaps but not an excuse to look too much like a couch potato.

That is not to say that you have to go all out with your Friday outfits (after all, we are starting to wind down and get ready for the weekend) but we do want to keep up the fashionable and professional persona we have been channeling all week long! Some of my fav Friday work-friendly outfits consist of skinny jeans, a t-shirt or short-sleeved blouse with a blazer and ballerina flats. A simple uniform I know, but with a patterned top, a colorful handbag and the right accessories, it can look fresh and different every week.

A few rules I go by when choosing jeans for work: I wear skinny jeans to work and have never had a problem but I do make sure my butt crack doesn't show when I bend over, I also make sure they aren't so tight that I can't breath properly when I'm sitting (I sit for the majority of the day so this would be torturous). Another style rule is no ripped jeans for work (off-duty yes, work appropriate not so much). 

Now I know that this may not jive well with the current sneaker trend but I generally try to stick to ballet flats, strappy sandals, wedges, clogs or heeled boots as my go-to shoe choice for work. I do on occasion wear my Toms so I guess if you're really into sneakers and they look good with what you're wearing then go for it! (At least your feet will be happy all day).

Here are a few sets I've created for Friday outfit inspiration. Let me know what you think!

Look #1

Look #2

Look #3

Look #4


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