March 03, 2014

Spring/Summer Fashion Forecast

When you live in a city like Ottawa where it's -31 degrees Celsius in March and warmer days are not even on the horizon, you tend to live in a fantasy world in which you lose yourself in dreams of spring and summer fashion. So of course being stuck in this polar vortex myself for the past 4 months, I have already fully planned my wardrobe from Victoria Day weekend until Labour Day.

There's a few different places we look to to predict fashion trends: the runway, celebrities, street style and our own instincts. I think that for me personally they all play an important part in how I decide what the wear but the main influence is my own vision of how I interpret trends through my individual style filter.

This s/s will be big on pattens, which I have always relied on in my closet and the reason being is that patterns, especially those with a few different colors really bolster your look and can be paired with a variety of different solid colored pieces. I will admit that aside from a pair of floral silk pants that I rocked in the 8th grade I typically stick to patterned tops though I know bottoms or even head to toe patterns are of the moment. I do however love me a floral skirt or pair of floral shorts which I would pair with a simple T-shirt or button down with an embellished collar.

Some color combinations I've seen and am liking are navy and mustard yellow with white or beige, red anything, pastels are showing up in mint, blush, canary and lavender. All white or white with beige or a pastel is crisp and clean and refreshing when the temperatures start to climb. Gray is a nee neutral to be matched with virtually any color you please. Jewel tones were on the runways too and will surely have their place in my summer wardrobe.

Black or brown leather as an accent adds an unexpected texture to an otherwise common piece, I am also lusting after a pair of leather shorts although I'm not sure of how comfortable they would be in the summer heat, read: Ottawa humidity. Appliqu├ęs, beading and jeweled embellishments are a sure bet for a night on the town and in place of accessories that can weigh you down in the summer.

Midi length skirts and dresses, pleats and volume in shorter skirts. Any length of shorts will do but I'm sticking with the short but not too short shorts, I'm thirty now after all! As for the Bermudas and Capri pants I'll be saving those for work attire only.
Summer footwear will run the gamut from sky high wedges to floral adorned flat sandals but as a girl in love with the latter I will be purchasing a pair of Tom's, a pair of flat slides such as Birkenstock, flat canvas sneakers in a floral pattern and leather clog sandals for when I need something a bit fancier.

Accessories can be anything you'd heart desires, I am a fan of vintage pieces, such as brooches and necklaces, small but sparkly studs and an endless amount of bracelets. Handbags I love are small and boxy, small and bucket like, leather backpack purses are back with a vengeance and anything cross body is good for being out and about day or night.
I hope you enjoyed my forecast, this post is purely based on my personal preference and on my interpretation of many of the top s/s runway shows.
Now the countdown begins until I can start shopping and even better start wearing my creations!
Until next time!

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