March 10, 2014

Coffee In Canada's Capital

This is totally off the usual topic of fashion but I sometimes feel like coffee and fashion go hand in hand, and besides where better to see Ottawa street style at its finest than in a café?

Like personal style, I believe everyone has their own coffee style, for myself, I'm more of an Americano girl than a vanilla latté girl. That being said, in order to have a proper Americano the beans that they grind and pour must be of a certain quality of origin/roast otherwise it can be quite a disappointment.

Having lived in Melbourne for nearly a year in 2010 I was fortunate to have tried some of the best coffee of my entire coffee-drinking life, unlike my native Ottawa with its Timmy's, Second Cup, Starbucks, insert sub-par franchise name here (note: sorry if you're a diehard for one of these places, this is IMO), Melbourne's private little cafés outnumbered it's franchises and a few Starbucks even closed down, unheard of in North America I'm sure.

So being back on home turf for the last 4 years and unable to teleport mysel back to melbs for a flat white every morning I was forced to blend back in to the corporate coffee scene. 

Alas, I have grown restless and in need of a change of java, so thanks to Google and Urban Spoon I write this post to you from a small and quaint café on Elgin street called The Ministry of Coffee. After reading the online reviews I was beyond stoked to learn that it was owned by an Aussie or so the reviewer thought and that the coffee was amazing.

My overall opinion of the place is that the decor and layout of the store is spot-on (it could easily be down under), the staff that served me was pleasant enough but they seemed very into their own convo and did not engage me as a customer, and to my disappointment (note: I am not against my fellow Canadians) they were not from Oz. The dessert I got didn't seem to be that fresh, although I was pleased that it was less sweet than I thought it would be. I ended up ordering an Americano and although it was much better than most it wasn't the best I had ever tasted. Next time and don't worry there will undoubtably be a next time I will be trying the latté or cappuccino. The atmosphere and music (the only negative reviews I came across we're regarding the tunes) was fine by me, leaning towards the indie/alternative.

I give this place (for my first visit anyway) 3 1/2 hipster hats out of 5 ;)

Prices were comparable to other shops.

Until next time!

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