September 06, 2013

Fall fashion and feeling renewed

Yes it's been awhile since I blogged, and while I could reach into my #bagofexcuses and pull out a reason for not writing I'm just going to say I've been lazy and start fresh for fall!

To me there's always been something about fall that brought fashion back to the forefront of my mind after the hot, hazy days of summer, where being comfortable in the 30 degree weather sometimes trumped looking of the moment in the fashion world. It may harken back to the days of starting another year of school and having my shopping list of back to school clothes ready in July but now that my post-secondary days are well behind me there is still that preprogrammed notion that fall means fashion.

So in the spirit of fall fashion I will be choosing a series of topics and designers (both local and international) to write about so I can get some experience and also enjoyment out of writing on a regular basis.

Thank you to everyone who tunes in! I appreciate everyone's interest and support!

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