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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Fall-in-love with Cozies

Fall Fashion = Cozy

There has always been something special to me about fall (autumn), the leaves changing, the crisp weather, apples, pumpkins, cozy sweaters, flannels and big scarves. However, I have always lamented that although I am ready for fall weather in September, Mother Nature not always ready to release her grip on summer. If we look ahead to what we will be expecting for the season to follow (think Winterfell) I can understand why, but with the cold nights and mornings versus the hot afternoons, it is complicated to know how to dress each day.

Fashion Mama Aquarius' Fall Favs

My fall wardrobe will consist of skinny jeans, flannel shirts, long knit cardigans, slouchy rounded hem cotton tees and all black Converse Chuck All Stars. I work at home with kids all day so my wardrobe needs to be comfortable and reliable when I am outdoors. Layering is key so I want to have pieces that work well together to make getting dressed stupid easy. Although I haven't bought a lot of new clothing for this fall I rely on fashion staples from Old Navy, Gap, H&M and Joe Fresh.

Fall-in-Love with Cozies

√Čtoile Isabel Marant deep v neck top
550 CAD -

Collared shirt
46 CAD -

Mid-Rise Rockstar Jeans for Women
66 CAD -

Chloé man bag
2,135 CAD -

Miriam Haskell vintage earrings
200 CAD -

Gold jewellery
225 CAD -

PrAna infinity scarve
59 CAD -

Tech accessory
6.55 CAD -

Yves Saint Laurent sunglasses
530 CAD -

Brand Alert!

Another brand that I am intrigued by for undergarments is Adore Me, it is a sexy lingerie subscription service that allows you to choose new beautiful bras, panties, sleepwear and swimwear that are delivered to your house every month with free shipping and exchanges (this may only be for those living in the US, #storyofeverycanadiangirlslife) They have a welcome promo code on your first order, this is about $25 USD. I think fall is a great time to stock up on some nice, new pretty underthings, I don't know if I would like the subscription part because it's about $40 USD a month and I really don't need new lingerie every month (although it couldn't hurt right?) so we'll see if I decide to continue after the first order.

Hope you all have an amazing September and that the crisper temperature of fall will inspire you to create cozy, casual, comfortable looks that will last you into winter.


Wednesday, August 10, 2016

A Long Summer Hiatus

Well hello there friends! I know it's been quite awhile since I've posted even a lick of content and I really have wanted to but life got in the way as it does when you're a work-at-home mom of two (or three or four or five) children.

So here is a quick recap on the last three months.

No Spend Challenge:
I have failed miserably at this ever since I started to slide in April, I am once again a manic spender and there's no sign of the return of my willpower yet. I think that taking a period to detox from spending was healthy and necessary but to do this for more than a few months is pretty tough at least for me.

Kids and Hubs:
All is good on the Homefront; Audrey turns four this month and Abigail just turned 16 months, neither kid is sleeping well, Audrey has bad dreams, Abigail has teething and Mike and I have bags under our eyes constantly. Thankfully they're both so cute and incredibly smart and I love them to bits. Mike is good, still obsessed with Lego, video games and all things nerdy.

In April I opened my home as a daycare so that I could stay home with my kids until they are both in school, this has worked out very well so far and I am building a good clientele of families who use my services. I am constantly relying on Pinterest for ideas on how to help them learn, play and grow, it's exhausting but it's great to be spending so much time with my girls. The only downsides are the mess, the long hours, the off-duty preparations, and my desperate need to escape my house once the kids are picked up (I can't even fathom how I'll fare in winter when going outside with 5 kids isn't possible #Canadianwinterproblems).

I'm not rocking a high-fashion, on-trend wardrobe these days for obvious reasons, but I have recently discovered a dupe for LuluLemon; Hyba by Reitmans, it's awesome quality activewear for a fraction of the cost and they almost always have online deals. I'm obsessed.

Fall Plans:
I won't make any outlandish promises of all the blog posts I plan to come out with but we all know that summers are packed and hectic and kind of laidback fashion wise anyways. I do hope that fall will spur me back into regular posting again, only time will tell.

Attitude of Gratitude
I am mega appreciative to all of the readers who visit my blog, please know that I genuinely love writing for you and that I do plan to do this someday full-time (God willing).

Happy summer everyone!


Tuesday, May 10, 2016

No Spend Challenge: April Update

Sorry Friends, I know that this update comes a bit late as we are already into May but I guess I have been avoiding sitting down to write about April. The truth is that every month I feel like I am doing worse and worse at not spending money, that is to say I think I am failing the challenge.

I went into this knowing that the spring/summer season would be a tough one for me, what with all the beautiful new sun dresses, sandals, hats, shorts, you name it, but I have definitely been more tempted than I thought I would be. The trouble seems to be that I have a hard time distinguishing between wants and needs (although deep down I know which is which) I don't like to live without things and although I think that I have done well with not over-buying in areas like cosmetics, skincare and clothing for myself, I am always on the hunt for the next item to buy.

I was recently at the outlets looking for some shoes for my daughter who is going to be starting school in September and I decided that I would buy myself some sun dresses from Old Navy (because they were nice, because they were 30% off, because I wanted something new to wear, because it was Mother's day and I deserve it dammit.) So I picked out two that I liked and bought them without even trying them on (this tells me that it was a purchase out of desperation for something new not necessarily for these particular dresses) and even though I spent less than $75 for them I felt an immense amount of guilt at spending that money. This is the worst part for me is that I want nothing more than to be a consumer and consume to my heart's content but the second the purchase is made I start to worry about having enough money for other things that will come up in the month and I feel guilty for having "given in" to my cravings.

Another thing that is throwing me off on my goal is that I recently started my own home daycare business rather than returning to my job so that I can be home with my own kids and also earn a second income for our family, this requires me to spend more money each week on groceries, craft supplies and items for the business. (These things I will be able to write off when I do my taxes next year but I have to spend all the money upfront in the meantime.

This past month we had a lucky and interesting thing happen to us, we managed to completely pay off all of our outstanding consumer debts, this means that the only debt we currently owe is the mortgage on our house. This is an amazing feeling and it definitely lifts a huge burden off of our shoulders and frees up more cash each month for all the other bills and expenses we have but it also means that we also want to buy everything under the sun and I worry that it will lead to more debt. I know that we need to be vigilant, to seize this opportunity to put more money into savings, investments and retirement. That we need to save up for big ticket items that we want such as a new bed, a water filtration system, and new car tires. That we can't be seduced by the credit that we have and spend it because it's there or because we get points for using it.

For the month of May, I am going to try to go back to the distractions I was using in the beginning of this challenge, focusing on cleaning my house, selling the stuff I already own but don't use, spending time and money on experiences with my family rather than more stuff, and focusing on my health.

Thanks for reading and also thank you for understanding that I have been so extremely busy with my new occupation that I have not had much time or inspiration for my blog but I am hoping that as I become accustomed to the new pace and routines that I will find a balance that includes more regular blogging because I really do love it!

Monday, April 25, 2016

How To Style: Pastels

How To Style: Pastels

360 Sweater short sleeve shirt
275 CAD -

RED Valentino skirt
430 CAD -

J Crew pointed toe flat
460 CAD -

Prada leather tote
2,660 CAD -

19Fifth rose ring
440 CAD -

Sydney Evan gold stud earrings
475 CAD -

Kate spade watch
265 CAD -

Kenneth Jay Lane choker necklace
165 CAD -

Oliver Peoples sunglasses
620 CAD -

LifeProof tech accessory
130 CAD -

RHYTHM brown hat
48 CAD -

Pom pom key chain
11 CAD -

Urban Decay cheek bronzer
37 CAD -

7.60 CAD -


Essie nail polish
17 CAD -


Friday, April 8, 2016

How to Style Your Playsuit

How to Style Your Playsuit

Zimmermann romper jumpsuit
260 CAD -

Aldo boots
78 CAD -

Leather backpack
53 CAD -

Wood earrings
235 CAD -

Majique bangle bracelet
37 CAD -

Topshop ring
14 CAD -

Eric Javits fishing hat
255 CAD -

Westward Leaning mirror sunglasses
355 CAD -

Cheek bronzer
65 CAD -

Mac cosmetic
22 CAD -

COOLA Suncare sun care
47 CAD -

Josie Maran sun care
42 CAD -

Jin Soon nail polish
23 CAD -


Thursday, April 7, 2016

Festival Fashion: Are You Ready?

Whether you like Rock or Rap, Jazz or Blues, Electronica or Pop - there's something all we music-lovers have in common; we all love a good outdoor music festival once the weather turns warm. But there's another reason to attend the likes of Coachella (Indio, CA), Lollapalooza (Chicago, IL), Osheaga (Montreal, QC) or BluesFest (Ottawa, ON); the Festival Fashion of course!

How you dress for these festivals is not only fun but also very important. If you want to be spotted as an experienced Festival Fashionista, you'll want  to rock a trend or two but also express your own unique sense of style in order to stand out from the crowd of well-dressed music-lovers.

Bottoms: The first staple (IMHO) will be shorts. I say shorts rather than a dress or skirt because shorts are more versatile for an event that you will be at all day/night (possibly drinking) and sitting on the ground in a skirt or falling over in a dress is not always a good look. Shorts can come in many forms; high waisted, cropped, skort, palazzo, shortalls or bermuda, the possibilities are endless. Choose one that is comfortable and flatters your body type.

Tops: For tops, I recommend layering based on the temperatures for that day; if it's going to be hot as balls, you'll want to rock a bandeau, thin tank and maybe a light cropped tee or flowy blouse (for fabrics think cotton, nylon, chiffon - breathability is key). If you live in a city where the weather can be cool at night, make sure to bring a top layer that is packable, but will keep you warm after dark (I love my packable rain coat by Lululemon, a denim jacket or thin knit sweater or cardigan would also do the trick).

Playsuits: This is a nice alternative to a dress and it means you'll be comfortable all day long. One thing to consider though is that you will likely have to take the whole thing down when you need to pee (this can happen often if you're having some happy drinks all day).

Shoes: Footwear is probably the most important consideration when putting together your festival wardrobe, you will likely be doing a lot of standing and walking so you will want to choose something that you will be able to wear comfortably all day and night. Also, you may want to skip the heel for this one since most festivals take place in some sort of field which means your heels will be sinking into the ground the whole time (you don't have time for that!) If you still want some height opt for a "flatform" or wedge sandal instead. Another consideration is to wear boots or trainers because toes can get trampled so it's a nice option, especially if you forgot to get a pedicure!

My pick for comfortable, stylish festival footwear this year would be the Native shoe brand (think if your Toms and your Crocs had a baby, that's a Native shoe) they are made with dual density EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate), they are PETA -approved vegan, they fit true-to-size (I would say this is more-or-less accurate although I ordered two different models in the same size and one pair fit better than the other), most of their shoes are unisex, they are super lightweight, are odor resistant (a big plus for me, TMI ALERT my feet tend to sweat when I don't wear socks and thus I end up with smelly shoes, gross), they are hand-washable and shock absorbent. Check out the Venice, Verona, and Howard designs, they are my favs!

Hats: This is an accessory that has really gained in popularity over the years and I think it's definitely a necessity for an outdoor festival because it protects your head from the sun (many hats are available with UV protection) and if it rains your hair and face will be partially protected (if rain is forecasted you may want to pack a small umbrella). There are so many flattering hat styles; fedora, floppy, bowler, cowboy/girl, Panama, visor, baseball cap etc. pick one and pack it!

Sunnies: This is another essential item for a day out in the sun; eyewear is dual purpose - stylish and protective (I even get mine in my prescription so I can see without contacts). The styles of sunglasses are endless so choose something that will flatter your face shape and your outfit too. You may want to get one really expensive, classic pair in a neutral color that will go with every look you wear or if you like to play around with different styles you can opt for the less expensive and buy more pairs.

This is SUPER important, I'll admit that I have definitely been guilty of sun damage in the past (because I am too lazy to faux tan and I always think nothing beats the real thing) but I am starting to notice some fine lines and that slapped some sense right into me! Find a formula that is easy to apply, non-greasy and sweat-proof; I found a few new ones I want to try Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Lotion with SPF 50 and this Josie Maran Argan Daily Moisturizer with SPF 47.

Makeup: I'm sure this is a no-brainer but you'll want to make your makeup last. Go for waterproof and sweatproof so you look hot until the final set. Using a makeup primer is a good way to ensure your makeup will stay put, try to use a foundation and concealer that are long-wearing (10-12 hours plus). If you are contouring, opt for a cream product versus a powder as it will last longer on the skin. Don't forget to use a setting powder for your concealer, this helps it to stay put and avoids any creasing! Use an eyelid primer (such as MAC paint pots or Urban Decay) this will help your eyeshadow to last longer and will keep it from getting oily if you sweat. For brows, I would use pencil or pomade instead of powder in case of rain (you don't want your brows bleeding down your face). To add some glitz to your look you can use a glitter glue and loose glitter on top of your eyelid, another must is to highlight those cheekbones and you can even add some little gem stones or flash tattoos to your face if you like to stand out.

Hair: I would opt to keep hair simple, wearing it down with some beachy waves is the epitome of festival style IMO but having it tied up in a bun or ponytail is probably going to be more comfortable if it's scorching hot outside so do what feels best for you. Check out these tutorials by Alexandra Garza and Helen Torsgarden.

There are heaps of outfit inspiration to be found on Pinterest so if you are stumped for ideas on what to wear this year check out Pinterest, You Tube, Polyvore and Instagram. I will be posting outfit sets from my POlyvore account in the next few weeks and plan to have a few outfit photos of my own going up soon (it's currently still snowy in Ottawa so I think I may wait until winter decides to eff off...)

Until next time!


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